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Banshee Media Day 4/17/14 PTR

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So after a long fought offseason, it was finally time to head back to Kings Island! I left my house at 4:00AM after 2 hours of sleep with Matthew/malem driving me. We arrived at the park around 4:25, just as they were letting people in. It was in the mid 30’s and very cold. I soon met a long check in line to check in with our Coaster Club. One of the first new things to be noticed is the new flags.


There was also a full moon in the sky (But this picture doesn’t show it very well).


When I checked in, I received a lanyard, a cool Banshee glass thingy, a Media Day t-shirt, and a complementary free Banshee photo! After waiting about 30 minutes to check in, I waited in another line to enter the park.


By that point I had seen obviously malem/Matthew, Lorax/Lora, Katie.greg/Katie, NoChickens/Rick, Mrs.NoChickens/Dee, Beastie1980/Melissa, momofbeastie1980/Melanie, jcgoble3/Jonathan, UnrealNightmare/Zach, BeastForever/Daniel, Fire-Beast-OF-FEAR/Duncan, Kat/Kat, Oldiesman/Michael, and probably somebody else I’m missing.

I went into the park with Matthew, Daniel, and Duncan around 5:45. There was new TV’s on the main entry.


It was still very cold. We walked towards Action Zone, and wow. It is completely unrecognizable. There is a different Festhaus entry, an awesome tent structure, lots of new paint, lockers, and more obvious things as well. It is spectacular, and much more that you can see than just a webcam. And then soon right before my eyes, Banshee started testing. (Sorry about the photo quality… It is pretty bad in the dark.)



At maybe around 6:00 or so, the queue opened and we were about to get ready to ride. It was still early so a lot of the special effects were still going including the fog.


I got into the queue and saw some of FUN TV’s easy questions. One was: What is the best new ride in the world for 2014? A. Banshee B. Banshee C. Banshee or D. Banshee. It was Banshee. After waiting in an awesome queue with gravestones and textured lightning, I got assigned to the back row with Matthew, Daniel, and Duncan. The station was really cool. Then we were off.

The lift hill was fairly quick and included some anticipation music. Once you got to the top, there was the Banshee scream, and down you fell. Down the hill, divelooped, around the lift, zero g’s, batwinged, looped, turned around, TWISSSTYYYYED, and carouseled. The ride was fantastic. The best part had to be the inline twist. It was so fun. But I we were getting hungry, so we had some breakfast.

I had a couple of donuts and milk, all delightful. We also saw thedevariouseffect/Devan and Unknown Screen name/Lindzey. After the whole breakfast shenanigans, I went back to Banshee with Duncan. This time the wait was only 25 minutes. We got assigned to row 3. I might prefer the back, but it was another fun Banshee ride.



The SOB monument.




Empty… For now!








And inside the station.




And the pretty new Bat sign!




How the Banshee sign looks from the side.

After this I went over and said hi to The Interpreter real quick. That was near where all the news trucks were lined up.




I guess I ended up getting in line for Banshee again, possibly with my original group.





The queue was getting filled up!

I've posted too many pictures... Part 2 is next!

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After this FRONT ROW ride I kind of hung around and stuff. Soon I went to get ready for the 9:30 Press Conference.

Don, Greg, ect, all gave speeches for the crowd. The best part had to have been when Greg was talking about how something had to be taken down that might cause some fans to get mad. The go-karts, of course! After that, The Bat, Xtreme Skyflyer, and Delirium all opened in addition to Banshee!

I went down to The Bat with some people.





You can easily see the whole second half of Banshee from over there!

There was about a 10 minute wait for The Bat, and it was fun! It’s like orange Flight Deck. After this ride, I went out to Matthews car to take my sweatshirt off, because it was getting warmer! On my way, Ice Scream Zone was handing out free Banshee twist ice cream, so I had some! And I also borrowed Matthews portable charger (thank you).

After going to his car, we went to lunch at The Chicken Shack. The chicken was really good and so was the bread.


After this, I decided to go to Delirium real quick on my own because really… There was no wait at all. So, I had my first ride on Delirium with it’s odd new color scheme. It was a fun ole ride on Delirium!

After this I kind of hung over Action Zone and took some pictures and stuff.


The new shade in the former target circle.


The new Coaster Connection store.


Delirium’s repaint.



Banshee’s awesome station!


The Chicken Shack! Oh let’s go there again! And that’s just what I did. I had some more yummy chicken.

After eating more chicken, I met up with Alex/Coastergeek101. We waited inside Banshees queue for about 30 minutes.






Alex and Devan had a little debate over when Banshee would start testing… They met each other in the queue. Kind of funny. Alex went all swag on Devan, and Devan sighed in shame.

Anyways, we ended up with my 4th Banshee ride of the day in Row 3. Yet another awesome Banshee ride! After this, I went with Katie and Melissa to The Bat. It was a walk on for the middle of the train.



It got painted. :P


Another orange ride on The Bat!



Inside of the gift shop.


After that ride I eventually found Matthew. And I also got to see TTD 120-420/Zach. Then we (-Zach) went on a fun, wait-free Delirium ride! Time was running out on this Media Day… Ice cream!!! I got a 3rd Banshee twist. We also talked a lot in the Festhaus, and I guess Tony Clark had a Tweet-Up, and a few people got a coin. So that’s cool.

After this, some of us headed for one last Banshee ride. While it is sad… It’s only the beginning! Kings Island is open now until November! We waited about 10 minutes for our last, Row 7 Banshee ride. The ride was once again amazing and awesome!!!

After this… My mom picked me up so I could go home and make a video and this trip report. It’s going to be a great 2014 season!

A couple of notes:

*I kind of like the Banshee scream at the top of the lift. I can see why people find it annoying, but I find it a nice touch.

*All the tombstones and lights and everything make the ride so awesomely themed.

*Kings Island added a ton of awesome things to Media Day (Free photo, free t-shirt, free cool thing, free food, free rides…) to just make it a great day.

Thanks for reading everybody!

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Sounds like you (and everyone else) had an awesome time! Thanks for all the pictures and information! I can't wait until June to ride this amazing new coaster.

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I didn't take many shots I was more content seeing the new park and everyone again after an off season. But great report

And kids will be kids..can't be too upset though he's just a kid..his future job and taxes keep me employed, can't ever look past that

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I think I forgot to add I met Coasterbob62 and I will probably be in his next Media Day video too!

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Great trip report Lucas. I think you ate more chicken than me.

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