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"Scream Like a Banshee"

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Many coaster enthusiasts have already experienced the head-spin and thrill associated with Kings Island's latest attraction: the Banshee roller coaster. Reviews have been overwhelmingly positive, and for good reason - it offers some of the largest and most eclectic elements of any inverted roller coaster in the world today.

Banshee offers a track length of 4,124' - which puts it as the longest inverted roller coaster on the planet. The thrills are not limited by the length. Banshee drops riders 150' off of the first hill and sends them through 7 inversions at 68 mph before completing its course.

Although Banshee was unleashed with the opening of the 2014 season, the anticipation began long before that. Construction walls and teasers lined the Action Zone midway during the entire 2013 season. This lead to speculation, anticipation, and excitement for park lovers who visited throughout the year. If you you want the full story, check out Jordan Hill's short documentary about the build up and opening of the new ride, "Scream Like a Banshee."

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