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1. Ruins accessability to lifts from side x, which even then, if blocked, would cause line pains.

2. The INTAMIN structure is made for what it does at the moment, I'm no engineer, but I think that the Tower should stick at its job.

3. You would make many many people looking for a quaint little sight see a bit ticked off.

4. Build it somewhere else, it could easily make a restaurant on the top, and would look amazing in contrast to the rest of the skyline.

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I like the thought of a Polercoaster for a park where land is scarce, but honestly, even if this were the case at Kings Island I think it would be a tough sell at a park of its size. Compared to rides like Diamodback, The Beast, and Banshee, they are very tame and uninteresting, but they are too tall and intense for the crowd who favors smaller rides like Adventure Express and The Bat.

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