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I just got back, had a lot of fun! Everything was open, including the train (was a lot of work on part of the rails by the exit of the tunnel, causing the ride not to open until about 3pm. It looks like they replaced a couple of yards worth of cross ties.) Where was the roller rink at? (I assume behind the train station?) Looks like the Spider cars are still on site in the shed by the train station.

Is the station building for Big Dipper it's original station?

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Yeah, for lunch we had Pronto Pup and curley fries, and for dinner we had chicken tenders and mac & cheese. I think all of that, plus two drinks, was under $15.00.

For Rattler, they had a bit of an issue with a few seats after the restraints were lowered, the green light above the seat wouldn't go on for a couple of people (it didn't appear to be a weight issue, simply the restraint wasn't locking.) After the third time, the ride operator went into the ride control shed, toggled a switch, and tried the restraints again. On the 4th time everyone finally locked. The ride was really fun, and looks like it was a great addition to the park! However they are still working on getting the actual queue ready, we had to wait on the piece of plywood covering the grass/mud.

I read a few post that people had said the Big Dipper was really rough. Sure, the first mini drop moves you around quite a bit, but with the exception of that, I thought the ride ran great. The 2nd drop (1st one to go to the ground) really provides a nice moment of airtime in the back!

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