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Tomb Raider: The Ride for Dummies


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^ I laughed out loud. :lol: That was a good one.

For real, though--I even miss the 2011 Crypt these days. The Inception score tracks that they used were a really great choices, in my opinion. At first it seemed a little random, but now I can't not associate those three tracks with the ride. Of course, Tomb Raider was better, but I'd take The Crypt from 2011 back in a heartbeat if it were offered, ride cycle excluded.

I still daydream about TR:TR pretty frequently, though. Most themed rides I daydream up tend to have some resemblance to it, too, at least in terms of how the guest experience progresses. (Before any smartypants says it: no, the rides I daydream up do NOT include extensive downtime, thank you very much. :P )

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