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My Opening Day


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It was around 1:30 when we arrived. After going through the parking payment place my mother read outloud the new security procedures. We got out of the car and walked up to the Metal Detectors. I must say, they did not go cheap on the number of Metal Detectors. There is a bunch of them. Threw my wallet, and Digital Camera on the side and walked through. The attendant said nothing so I kept walking.

As I walked out of the admissions building I looked at the new fountain. I noticed the new logo in front of the fountain now. After some deliberation, we decided to do SDATHC first. The line was back to the exit. We waited in line as we were making the comment that its playing happy music outside of a "Haunted Castle." They did a wonderful job on the paint and detail of the outside.

The queue line was a lot smaller than it used to be. Mistro's balcony is still there but has been replace with compressed air powered cardboard cutouts of Shaggy and Scooby, explaining about the new guns. As we got up the old stairs, where the heads used to be, I was surprised that the heads are still there, but they have been boarded up loosely with the eyes drilled out and replaced with red lights. It made a cool effect. Turning the corner, they have hung a black sheet to block the view of the ride. When we got into the ride we picked up the guns, there is a large red display with your score.

After leaving the ride we walked towards The Beast. The Beast ran a lot smoother but it was slowed down greatly. The new turn is nice but it sticks out like a sore thumb. The new wood needs to be painted still.

The Vortex was next, it looked like it had been painted. I was looking at The Bat's footers the entire time. There is one in the middle of the helix.

I than walked to Flight of Fear. It seems like it too has been slowed down according to my Mom.

The Bumper cars was funny to me, I drove around the outside looking for my family but never could get to them. I didn't hit anybody in the entire ride. But this one guy tried to hit me, I swerved out of his way and said excuse me. lol he walks up to me after the ride and says, "You know, the object of the ride is to bump into people?" I replied, "To the untrained eye."

We walked to Adventure Express and got on that, I notice that there was or seemed like NO difference from last year. The spikes and most of the themeing, still didn't work. The only difference I noticed was that all the arms were working and they cleaned up all the trash thrown up into the head guys pot. The water that used to spray on you, didn't work. It was a big disappointment.

Delirium was next, after circling around it we couldn't realize how the hell were suppost to get in line. We were about to climb under some fences when we started walking in some isle way around the ride. The line was covered in red fabric, it repelled water and bright sunlight, but lets light and its see through. We got split up in groups of 25 and got told what to do. I meet Aaron (Head forum moderator) and he's the supervisor. I yelled out his last name and he turned around. We meet and he told me about his day. As I got off, I told him that it makes a funny sound when your on it. The wind is so strong in your ears.

Drop Zone was next. We had reached the top and there was a pause. Not like the 11 seconds before stopping that dropping, it was atleast 30. And another thing, it was cold and windy.

Son of Beast was operating with one train, same restraints. On SOB I noticed that the trams were back at that one building back there, along side King Cobra.

It was around 8 and I was getting hungry, we were gonna ride Top Gun but didn't want to walk all the way back there. So we rode Delirium again. I got off freezing, no coat and it was cooling off fast.

We went to SDATHC again after that, as I was walking onto my own mini mystery machine, I banged my knee on the car. It was hard enough to put a dent in the side of it. I didn't get a chance to look if it was dented. I was in Car 10. After getting off we walked to the car. To got to Big Boy.

The next day (Sunday (Palm Sunday)), I went to church. As I went to grab my wallet I couldn't find it. I looked all over the places I was last night and I can't find it. I called PKI and they said that if they find it, they usually ship it to the address inside the wallet. I called Big Boy and they said that nothing was found last night. I went online to PKIU and replied in a few threads. I got off and now I'm writing this. BREAKING NEWS, my mother just found my wallet, it was in my gym bag??? How did it get in there? Well, now I'm happy and all is well. rolleyes.gif

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It's not Aaron, the forum webmaster. It's AZ Kinda guy. I thought he was Dempsey at first, but we introduced each other and we talked for a couple seconds before I rode. I met StX Bomber at the CM arcade playing DDR as well.... So I met 2 forum members, how neat. smile.gif


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How did you meet Aaron the head forum moderator when he doesn't work at PKI?

Aaron, the head forum moderator, works at Derirum. Infact he's the supervisor. And I know him outside of this site, and his sister.

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There was a guy there with a PKIUNLIMITED gray-hooded aweatshirt on. I'm guessing he was about 6'3 with long sideburns and and attractive girl at his side. He was riding on Delirium later in the day (after 6) and I never got to ask who he was? so which one of you guys was it?

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