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Go for the Gold (Pass)://Kings Island 5/29/2014


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So my 20th birthday is next week and for it I got a Kings Island Gold Pass. Today I decided to make my first ever venture down to the Thrill Capital of the Midwest (Not the world, that's either CP or SFMM) to claim it and get my paws on my first usable gold pass!

I was nervous about the drive so my dad drove down for the highway bit and I just followed him. After we got to the home stretch in Middletown, we split, he went home, and I finished the last third of the drive unescorted. I had driven to Kings Island with just someone to follow! I was so proud of myself! And this highway driving thing opens up opportunities to do Cedar Point and Kentucky Kingdom next season!


First thing I did was get my Gold Pass processed. Apparently in this day and age of all this technology people still need to print their confirmation numbers, I was the only one to have pulled theirs up on their smartphone for them to punch in...and that was it! But regardless, I have my pass!


And I got it on this date! As if the thread title didn't suggest it!


First up on the lineup was none other than my baby and the best ride at the park, Banshee! Got the purple train the first two times :angry: but the last time I got the blue train (though it was rattling some), so three rides on my favorite Kings Island ride wasn't bad at all! What a way to celebrate the new Gold Pass!


After a few spins on Banshee, I decided to go to Skyline Chili. At Kings Island. Just need a Red's baseball cap and this is the most Cincinnati thing ever...


Diamondback was next...and it rattled a bit. I, that coaster's five years of existence, have NEVER had a rattly ride on Diamondback! It was in the middle-ish of the brown train if that helps anybody, but it rattled and I've never had it do that on me before. :unsure:


I cut across this area behind Eiffel Tower when I realized, there's a LOT of room back here and it looks boring except for Starlight Spectacular. They would HAVE to be able to move enough Starlight Spectacular stuff around back here to fit in a small flat of sorts. Maybe a new Flying Scooters reviving the Flying Eagles name?


I got my painful history lesson on The Racer but when I got off...would ya look at that! Diamondback was down! I used to call it Diamondback, but after my last visit when they were stacking three trains deep because of the seatbelts I called it DiamondSTACK, but with it broken down on the lift like that...it's DiamondSTUCK!!!!! Where can this go from here? This HAS to become a thing!


Okay, I KNOW I'm about to get blasted for this, but here goes. I've been wanting them to do a few minor touch-ups on The Beast to make it seem less dated and more nostalgic (the mantra I've been using to describe Cedar Fair's renewed focus on paying homage to parks' pasts). They have the new logo that they use on the merchandise and while they could have a new fancy sign made, I'd like them to stick with this iconic one. However, I noticed it seemed pretty faded. They should really repaint this sign and maybe put it closer to the path, maybe out in the center of the ride plaza like other modern Cedar Fair coasters (Leviathan, Gatekeeper, Banshee).


I've always had the biggest set of problems with this building. First off, you're about to face The Beast, the path to go do that should be ominous, not "BUY M&M'S AND Coke!!!! COLD DRINKS HERE!!!!" Either knock it down or make it seem relevant to the ride's theme other than "Beast Canyon." Put some boarded up windows, weathering, and a few warning signs on it Plus, these vending machines are well away from where the queue normally goes when it's full and I feel like they should be moved into the actual cattlepens. Additionally, The Beast is hard to see as it is and some unfamiliar guests coming to the park for their first time may not even know it exists and walk right past it. Decorating the queue as just another Rivertown building at the end of a path would probably make them just glance at it and walk away, especially with the "COLD DRINKS" sign. That ride plaza and entrance need to SCREAM that The Beast is back there. Plus, giving it some love would help make it feel more nostalgic.


But it's a lovely station. Maybe hanging some lumber tools from the ceiling would help but it's fine as is.


And all in all, a SICK, sick ride that I feel doesn't get the justice it deserves from its theming and plaza. I wouldn't change anything about the ride itself except maybe make it faster and smoother. I just feel like putting more on the plaza and queue line would be a good way to up this ride's publicity, both because it would be more noticeable from the Rivertown midway and because it would give the park a chance to advertise it.


I LIKE The Beast Canyon thing they had going, though. Maybe turn Beast Canyon into a sort of subsection of Rivertown like X-Base is to Coney Mall? Finding space to put another attraction or two might be hard but I'm sure it can be done.


I see you, Vortex!


Seeing that Diamondback was still down, I went to go hit up Backlot Stunt Coaster. Fun little ride, good for families.


I love the new Biergarten!


Hello, Bat!


I was getting into favorite seat on my favorite train on Banshee (blue train, front row, leftmost seat) when I feel my restraint pop up and they force us back into the gates. Banshee's down for weather! Great! I waited 90 minutes but they never opened it back up even after the rain so I left to get stuff out of my locker and continue my day at the park.


Look at the line that formed outside!


She REALLY doesn't like rain to stay down this long...


I spent the rest of my day walking around and taking pictures. Got this nice Oktoberfest one, but I really feel like this area needs a facelift. Something to draw people in, like Cedar Point's Gemini Midway complete with string lights.


Is this sign new? I can't recall having seen it looking like this before for some reason.


Artsy overcast shot of Race for your Life Charlie Brown.


I feel like they need to do something with this old queue...


It wasn't today that I noticed how photogenic Vortex is.


It's crazy to think that back in 1987 this ride was the new big thing at Kings Island and somebody else was probably photographing it from every angle like I'm doing with Banshee in 2014. I wonder if Banshee will ever be "that rough coaster nobody wants to ride anymore." And I can't wait to see what they DO want to ride! ;)


Sometime in the past The Bat was here, you can still see some of the old Bat footers!


Old and new.


She's still a-sleepin' back there...


I felt dumb not having checked out Cirque Imagine, but hey, I'm a Gold Pass holder. I can see it any time I wish. ;)


And from there I left to brave Mason rush hour traffic.


A good day to you!

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So my 20th birthday is next week and for it I got a Kings Island Gold Pass. Today I decided to make my first ever venture down to the Thrill Capital of the Midwest (Not the world, that's either CP or SFMM) to claim it and get my paws on my first usable gold pass!10309349_849882881707407_802235115264753

Cedar Point is in the Midwest.

Just sayin'.

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