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Cedar Point 5/31/14 and some the next day.


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It had been right at 3 years since the wife and I made it up to Cedar Point after going nearly every year. We left at 4:00 a.m. from Northern Kentucky and arrived at about 8:15 a.m. we sunscreened up and headed to the marina gate and waited for the Millennium Walkback.

We were led back to MF right at 8:50 a.m. they took our photo as a group and sent us on our way to be on the first train of the day. We actually ended up being on the second train as we opted for the front seat. (We also did the Walkback and waited for front seat today as well) For those of you who like to refer to the ride as Millennium Forceless ride it once with a stained muscle in your back, I promise you'll feel some forces. It actually hurt quite a bit and I was fearful of the rest of the day.

We walked around the park and hit various rides for the first hour until the rest opened up. We got our first ride ever on Gatekeeper. We ended up doing 4 total for the day. I think this ride is a bit under rated especially the back left seats. We had quite a bit of fun on it. The seats we comfortable and we loved the whip you get in the back. The ride is beautiful and I'm glad they did build this ride where they did. It makes that section of the park a lot more desirable. We finished out day in that area because of this.

When 10:00 a.m. hit we went to TTD the line quickly hit a two hour wait. I had noticed the parking lot had a a decent amount a little before but the bus parking was completely full so when I saw the line get big that quick I decided to buy us Fast Lane plus passes. This was the first time I had ever used FL anywhere. Fast Lane alone made our trip awesome. We skipped numerous hour+ waits and were able to take our time and do what we want. They were $80 each. It was nice to be on the other side of the fence and the grass was definitely greener.

At 1:00 p.m. we went to check in at Sandcastle Suites. I liked that the room was clean and close to the park with shuttle service. That however is as far as I can go with what I liked about it. The bed was pretty uncomfortable and the place had a pretty bad smell to it. We went to the pool to swim and use the hot tub to give my back some relief. We got as far as putting our feet in the water and deciding to leave. The water was nasty with a terrible odor. We took up the offer we recieved of ten dollar entry to Castaways Bay. Both the wife and I loved the little waterpark she wants to stay there next time which we may do.

At 4:00 p.m. we headed back to the park and blasted through the entire park with our awesome FL passes. We indulged in some funnel cake and Pinks both awesome. I won the wife a Finn from Adventure time and we rode the smaller rides near the front of the park. Some of the rides in that area were down due to higher winds at the end of the night but that's okay by me we had rode them earlier.

Our count for Saturday:

Gatekeeper 4x


MF 2x

Maverick 3x

Gemini 1

Pipe Scream 1

Raptor 2x

WindSeeker 1

Magnum 1

Skyhawk 2x

Mantis 1

Power Tower 4x

Maxair 1

We also did most all of the flats.

Today we went in for an hour and rode a few things before heading out to head home. We got two more rides and Gatekeeper. We are now home and due to my back I can hardly move. I highly recommend Fast Lane if it's a crowded day and you have limited time, well worth the money.


Millennium Walkback


Pulling up to the park.



Our anniversary is Tuesday.










It was closed by the time we got there. We were sad.




She got the chili dog I got the Monster Dog.


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I can't recommend staying at The Breakers enough. Charming place, and being able to walk back to your room for a midday nap in the heat of the day is priceless. They have a wide range of room types and prices (from ones that will make you think you're in a college dorm to upscale suites), but all of them provide easy access to and from the park.

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I thought i recognized you from being on here, but i wasn't sure, so i didn't want to make a butt out of myself and introduce myself. We were there for both walkbacks as well, we are in the front row on the right of the walkback picture you posted, wife and daughter, me and my son. The ones holding up the walk with the wagon....sorry! :)

We avoid SandCastle for the same reasons. We stick with Breakers East as it seems much nicer than the Tower section, for now, as they will be gutting the interior over the off season. Small things have been done in the room we stayed in already, paint, curtains with a wall long valance and new air conditioner.

Gatekeeper is running better than last year! Sorry about your back, but glad you enjoyed your first Fast Lane experience!

This is the pic from Sunday from Tony's twitter page. My son is holding the sign


@TonyClarkCP: Today's #MillenniumWalkback group! Saturdays & Sundays for official coaster club members! http://t.co/lwHzhR9hPH

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If you or any one on here sees me feel free to introduce yourself. I'm easy to spot for the most part. It won't do anything but I'm going to e-mail Sandcastle about the negative experience I thought it would be much better than it was. We are looking into staying at Kalahari next time to try out their waterpark. We like to break up the day with a trip back to the room and a swim.

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Kalahari is fantastic, I believe I have that trip report somewhere. Even if you stay somewhere cheaper and just buy the day passes to the park it's amazing. Also if you get a few away from the little one, enjoy the indoor/outdoor swim up bar. Great drinks to be had there as well.

Ill have to read it. I've been wanting to go there for a long time but the wife doesn't like water parks, well at least until now she loved the indoor water park so she wants to try others. Any idea how much it is just to buy a day pass?

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50 seems a bit steep for each person. We were going to stay there hopefully I can find a decent discount or go during a slow time.

Also back to Cedar Point I have never seen so many rides stopped for people pulling out cell phones. What's the deal people? Keep your phones put away. We also saw some guy at Cedar Downs flipping out. I over heard him tell the ride attendant that if he did not remove the group of kids he was point at that he would go get security himself to have it taken care of. I have no idea what happened but dude was livid. It delayed the ride by ten minutes for us. Security ended up coming and removing one of the kids.

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CP enforces things quite well. We see a phone, we'll stop and take it unlike KI..KI, they see a phone, verbal warning, does nothing, train crests the hill.

Dunno bout the Cedar Downs deal, that seems pretty cray cray

Discounts were only for under 42 inches or after 1700. Hopefully a deal comes out for you though, I honestly would go back next winter for a full vaca. I won't stay on site though, those hotel rooms, holy crap.

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^ Post a link to the video; someone here will probably notice the infraction.

It's nice that they notified you, so that you know to submit again.

EDIT: Nevermind, I saw the video at your Twitter link above.

You included stock video footage (including POV) that you did not take. Only photos/video that you personally created in authorized areas are allowed.

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I did not. The Cedar Point theme they provide you with includes the POV at flyover. My videos are TTD taking off, MF flying by the station, Power Tower launching, the giant wheel lights, and Max Air swinging.

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Ah, I wasn't aware that they inserted stock footage into submissions. I haven't submitted an entry for this contest.

Other possible reasons:

  • Your photos at 00:25 and 1:06 were taken from the causeway and from Perimeter Road, not from "within" the park.
  • Pink's trademark at 00:16 is not owned by Cedar Fair
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