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Adventure Expressions

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But on rides they've done without Disney holding their hand, they've been kind if a disappointment.

Also, I do believe their mine trains, at Disney parks no less, have had derailment issues.

Every coaster manufacture has made disappointments, Vekoma will forever be tarnished because of the cookie cutter SLC's. The Disney chain has 4 Big Thunder Mountain Railroads with only 2 of them being built by Vekoma. the one at Disneyland Resort that Derailed was built by Dynamic Structures. The cause ended up being from improper maintenance on Disney's behalf.
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I still remember riding Adventure Express during its opening season. Even before that season started, my dad got a brochure in the mail with some concept art for the ride (remember, this was long before the Internet, Facebook, and marketing as we know it today) and I thought it looked like the coolest ride ever! I still remember the concept art - it showed people in the train cars, going through a tunnel, and there was lava underneath the track lighting up the tunnel. I was about 10 years old and to me that was about the neatest thing ever!

The first ride on AE was amazing and I couldn't wait to get back to the park to ride it again. I ended up going with some friends from school another weekend that season and it was a rainy Saturday and the crowds were low that day. Once the rain cleared up, we basically marathoned AE the rest of the day. It was great!

I'm now 34 years old and married, but AE is still one of my favorite rides at the park. In fact, my wife and I make a point to ride it at least once every time we visit the park. On some visits, we'll take my niece, who just turned 12, and she loves AE as well. We'll all ride it together - sometimes multiple times in one visit - and have a great time!

I'd like to see a little love put into Adventure Express because it's a great ride and I really don't see it going anywhere soon. Hopefully it sticks around for many more years to come!

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I would be incredibly sad if AE was ever taken out. It is my last memory of my friend Jess. It was summer 2002 and I heard her yell my name as we set off out of the station. We get back into the station and wait for her and her friend. The 4 of us hang out and have fun for a few hours. We talk about seeing each other during the fall of the school year. I dont remember if we did or not, Im sure we did. Next thing I know this is in the paper


and I am attending her funeral. But I still remember AE the last time we hung out. I would be incredibly sad when that ride reaches its end.

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