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Best Kings Island Coaster Logo

Banshee Back VII

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I tend to like the older coaster logos better than the newer ones (although Banshee's is pretty frickin' cool!). I loved Demon's, King Cobra's, the original The Bat's (not really a fan of the new logo) and the old Vortex logo with the metal hand clutching the twisted track. But... I had to go with the ultimate classic logo, The Beast. There's just something about those claws with the busted chains that always provoked a sense of wonder... I wonder what the rest of that beast looks like? It can't be seen, just like the coaster itself can't be seen from the rest of the park. You can only see the claws, and because of the broken chains you can tell that it's powerful, just like the coaster it represents.

I also like the way it was modified for The Beastie's logo, with younger "puppy" paws!

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