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CP Trip Report 6-7-14


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Made it to CP this weekend for what was supposed to be a nice half day visit on our way to Columbus.

We got to the park around 20 min. prior to early entry time. For some reason they were diverting parking over to the employee parking area (hint 1).

We got in for the early ride times and headed straight over to Gate Keeper. No lines, but the person on the train before us had gotten ill so the ride ops were cleaning that up. They tried for about 10 min. to get the water hose going to no avail (hint 2). They got the car cleaned up, and sent out empty to air dry, and we got on they next car. This being our first time on Gate Keeper, that was an excellent ride, front seat on the outside rocks!

Headed from Gate Keeper over to Raptor. Again no lines. This used to be one of my favorite coasters, so we rode a couple times.

Headed from there to one of my daughters favorites, Millenium Force. There was about a 15 min. wait for this ride, so we opted just to ride once for the day.

On the way back to the midway we were able to catch a quick ride on Mantis and Iron Dragon, no wait on either one.

We got back to the midway shortly after park opening to meet up with my wife and do some easy rides with her. Decided to get on the Antique Cars, but they had just emptied the line and were parking the cars??? Ok, no problem, we'll hit the restroom real quick and head toward the back of the park. Both the women's and men's restrooms were closed?!?!? We looked around and all the rides were in the process of shutting down. Shortly they announced over the PA system that the park was closing. We couldn't understand the announcement where we were at, but we decided to just follow the crowed.

Once we got to the front of the park, we could understand the announcement that they had a water main break and "would not be able to open for the day". This was not that big of deal for us since we were only planning about a 4-5 hr visit anyway, but understandably there were A LOT of irritated people waiting in a huge line for the customer service building.

Got back to the car and in line to leave. This was a huge mess. Morning traffic still trying to come into the park, and everybody that was already there trying to leave. Thankfully as soon as we were able to get across the causeway, I knew a few back ways of getting around Sandusky.

To show part of the scope of this closure, we stopped for gas somewhere around Bucyrus, OH, and there was a family there complaining about the Cedar Point closure. Then we went out for dinner in Columbus, and it seemed like half the dining area was talking about their day trying to go to the park!

Hopefully the park does something for the people who were taking their summer vacation this weekend, and had to either cancel their vacation completely, reschedule, or spend extra money to stay a couple extra days at a non CP hotel.

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An "act of God" cannot be helped. (nor can an act of the City of Sandusky Water Department)

However - isn't it ironic that a place surrounded by water had to close because there was no water?

Reminds me of the Rime of the Ancient Mariner....Water, water, everywhere, nor any drop to drink!

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