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Club Blood being removed?

Dr Zhark

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I don't post on here often, but do read almost everyday. I love Don's compassion for Club Blood, if you want to ruffle feathers talk negative about Club Blood. As for slaughter house, that was one of the better Haunted House's. I imagine, they will have a very special place for it. As for the crypt building, keep Madame Fatales, and bring back the Dinner part to. We did the dinner 2years ago, and LOVED IT! Was deff. alot of fun, and the interaction was great, food was awesome. My wife still talks about the stuffed mushrooms. Ok, i'm going to get off my soap box, before I really start in, and I'm pretty sure this is not the right forum to go on a tangent about what haunted house's are good, and horrible, and what Cedar Fair needs to do and not do. ENOUGH SAID!

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