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Backlot Stunt Coaster Special Effects Removed

Italian Job 2005

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A quick question - where were the water effects on Adventure Express? Must've been before my time...

Like many of the rides in the era, mostly fog effects. Constantly being surrounded in misty water apparently doesn't bode well for certain fabrication styles...

Adventure Express: Fog in valleys and tunnels, idol standing over final lift hill poured mist / water onto train as it passed.

Top Gun: Mist along the track in the station to imitate jet carrier conditions.

Tomb Raider: Mist, fog, fountain spray

Backlot Stunt Coaster: Splash down pool, fog

Diamondback: Splash down pool

Banshee: Fog

They just never learn... Literally. At least B&M track seems to stand up constant dousing in a way that the rest apparently didn't think to prepare for.

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Preventative maintenance in this case probably would've been repainting the track every few months. It would've been smarter to have just ensured that the track was designed to be practically submerged in water to begin with. Supposedly Paramount Parks opted NOT to weatherproof Tomb Raider: The Ride since it was going to be indoors anyway. Nevermind that they created a sub-tropical environment of fog, mist, running water, artificial dried cool air, and artificial hot air inside the building.

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