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I may make an appearance after while.

Lunch in Milford with family in from Detroit at 2:30, then possibly Jungle Jim's afterward.

Girlfriend is not feeling good so I may go and take care of her, depends on how she feels.

One thing is for certain...it is HUMID outside.

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If anyone is trying to decide about the all you can eat picnic, the food is pretty good. I especially like the chicken. Everything tastes better than what they served at the Coaster Crew Banshee Bash earlier this year. And they have the same yummy chocolate chip cookies they served us during the fireworks at that event.

BBoBH was less than 5 min wait at 2:30 or so.

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I would if I ever had to come back to the parks, I'd love to get back into operations.

But with Military for now, that can not work. But when I go to college, during the summers, I may return to momma park, or if KI had an opening I wouldn't mind working at other CF locations and making them a better place for guests and employees.

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