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I just got here about 25-30 minutes ago. It seems like a pretty steady crowd but as I don't normally come on Saturdays, I'm not sure how this normally compares. Drop Tower had 3/4 of the queue building full. I'm in line for Banshee going on 15 minutes. Likely another 15-20 minute wait.

There are signs for "Music in the Parks Ceremony". If that is like Carowinds, they had choirs and/or bands competing today. But that's just an assumption.

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If I knew that was happening if have been more likely to come. Let us know if you hear/see bands

I'll keep an eye out. :) It may be too late for performances. Decided to wait for Drop Tower so I'll get a good view in a little bit.

There is a Festival of Music next month which seems to be dedicated to choral groups.



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Many school/charter busses in the parking lot. At least 15 that I counted as I was turning around Drop Tower. Drop Tower was an hour and ten minute wait. By the time I was done 5.5 of the 8 rows were full. Delirium was quite full as well. Viking Fury and Invertigo had reall short lines. The Beast queue is full. BLSC queue was 3/4 full. All the food lines are long. I would say it's a busy day. Going to ride the train and head home.

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Looking at the webcams, today is probably an excellent day to visit Kings Island- Diamondback's line is only to the stairs at its worst via its webcam, and it's 2PM now- though since it is a school day crowds might pick up later on when the kids get off.


Also since I'll probably be visiting the park in 1 week from now (unless something changes) this has me hoping the lines are like this when I visit, but then again nothing is guaranteed...(checks web site)...uh, how popular is Banshee Brew Festival? It doesn't begin until 4PM, and is an upcharge, but it starts the day we are planning on going...

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