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Thanks for the welcome! Long time reader, finally signed up. Visited the park Friday evening, rode a bunch of flats with our neice. Was watching the ride wait times in the app and was really confused with some of the numbers put out.

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Anyone else having issues with the app ride times? Friday night mine listed The Beast at 2min?? Went to check, line was out past the vending machines.


During my 2nd ride on it on Friday, we ran into the same issue- app said 2 minutes so we went to it, except while the line was past the vending machines many of the mini-ques were not open, so we got on in around 20-30 minutes. Earlier in the day though it was a walk-on. (The ride was much better when there was a wait though) So it could be they just didn't update it or something.

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More than likely they were going fast and just forgot to hit the 0 or hit backspace. They always do it in intervals of 5 I have noticed and past 30 then it's intervals of 30


I think you made a mistake there, 45 min wouldn't be possible in those intervals which is where FoF and Firehawk are often at.  I've seen 40 as well before. 

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Following up on my Mother's day info question, I thought I'd give feedback for anyone else who was interested. Take into account also that there was a 50/50 threat of rain, temps started upper 40's/low 50's and was forecast to top out around 60, and there was a lot of rain during the day in SE Indiana and Northern KY. The radar also showed rain off-and-on downtown Cincinnati, though it only barely sprinkled once during the day at KI.


The crowds were pretty light. The longest wait we had all day was maybe 15 minutes (on Banshee/Bat/Adv Express) around 2-4 in the afternoon. We did skip ride lines that seemed to be much longer than that(and traditionally slower), including Flying Ace Aerial Chase and Delirium.


We got there with plans for ERT at 9:30, but were held up for 15-20 minutes at the security line check-in. We were in the Diamondback line for about 5 minutes and were riding for the first time at exactly 10am. When we exited the ride, the line was gone. It was a walk-on in the station, so we rode it again. Those morning hours were great! Diamondback 2x, Stunt Coaster 3x, Beast 2x, SRR 2x, Bumper Cars 2x all by 11:30am. Everything we wanted to ride was pretty much a "wait for the next cycle wait" in the morning.


The food lines at around 1pm, though, ugh. We didn't think would be a problem given the ride lines up to that point. Chicken shack had a long line WAY past the door. Festhaus packed. LaRosa's on International the line looked ridiculous. So, we headed back to what has become our traditional short wait place to eat. LaRosa's by The Beast. No wait to grab your pizza. Only a slight wait to pay after I had my food.

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