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It looks like a pretty good crowd for a Friday. We wont be getting there until after 4, heres to hoping it dies down a bit for me. First date night and visit to Kings Island with no kids since that baby was born. 

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Are Education Days a Friday thing? or just a one day thing? Planning a visit for Thursday (May 19th), and just trying to get an idea on crowds. NORMALLY (stressing this) it isn't to bad on weekdays this time of the year.

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It took 35 minutes to place order at Chick-Fil-A and 42 minutes to get my food.

Thanks for the update, yikes! We may stop around 9:00, use our free meal and ride a coaster or two. Not sure about staying for ERT. If it was for The Beast we definitely would but Banshee gives me a headache.
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Yesterday ended up being a food time for us. We did wait an hour for a Beast night ride but that was the longest wait and we got front. Reds Hall of Fame Grille is by far the best food I've had in the park. We timed things right at the end of the night and walked on several things including WindSeeker, Firehawk, Banshee and The Bat. We ended up riding just about everything from 5-close.

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I got to take two good friends on their first Beast night ride right after the fireworks. Front row, and one of my smoothest rides. We then rode The Bat at ERT but skipped Banshee because it was down when we went to get in line. Short but great trip.

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