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At the park today. Got here at 10 parking lot was minimal. Bag search out front. Walked by DB minimal line at the time. RFYLCB wad maybe 20-30 people in it. May be busier later but not bad now

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We ended up canceling trip today. We have 2-2.5 hr drive and it's looking like too much rain/lightning today. Perhaps a dray spell in the afternoon, but too much risk of too many rides being closed. For those that live close, I'll bet it would be a great day to cherry pick the possible dry hours between noon and 3pm. 


What is the most recent rain policy with respect to ride closure? Some years, they don't close in rain, only lightning. However, we've had some visits where there was no lightning, but they wouldn't open certain rides until "the track dries". So, one day like this a couple of years ago, Surf Dog (for example) never opened. 

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I imagine the people working the tolls are wondering right now if the weather is keeping everyone away. Nope, just nobody has bothered to come open the parking lot gates yet :-/

(They were supposed to open ten minutes ago)

Annnnnnd now it's finally raining.

Edit: Ugh, gotta love changing policies mid-season. The sign on the gate that used to say the parking lot opens 90 minutes before opening now says 60 minutes. So I guess they aren't late. I'm just unexpectedly early.

I actually took a pic of the sign last month so I know I'm not imagining things.

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may try. Its shaping up to look like we may have a window from 6 till about 9 or 10. I could be wrong, but as of now that's what the hour-by-hour shows.


Currently no rain out my Mason office window. It's very scattered right now

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Now, now.

There are certain disadvantages in living 8-10 hours away.

Then again, I live 17 miles from SFA.

I've graced the inside of its gates once since I moved here.

Our company picnic is there Friday.

I won't be. And I'll take a personal day not to be. I think I may have to wash my hair tomorrow...

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When weather that's supposed to show up doesn't, it's a great time to be at the park.

I still remember one day like that: Sunday, October 14, 2012. There was a big storm that was supposed to hit the park but the park ended up getting only a small shower because the storm ended up passing to the north (or south? I don't really remember). Through that whole rain shower, I had an uninterrupted 18-ride marathon on Vortex due to the nonexistent line; not once did it have to close due to weather because it was just rain!!

Days like this, while somewhat rare, are indeed glorious. I was surely thinking "I bet there are no lines at Kings Island right now" as I went on with my day yesterday! :lol:

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