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Countdown to Opening Day for the 2021 Season: May 15th 11:00 AM!

Kings Island is now open for 2021.

Current wait times

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I spent nearly 2 hours in the queue for White Water Canyon. -The exit queue, that is! I had a bunch of extra laundry quarters in my Kings Island fanny pack, and it was weighing down a bit, so I decide

Or Terp's a crackpot but we love him anyway. Offer not valid at Kentucky Kingdom.

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Lines have been much better this afternoon. Banshee was just 11 minutes from end of line to off ride. Bat and Racers are walk-on. 5 min Adventure Express. Seems like a normal early June weekday after all. 

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Despite objections made, the app developed is operating system dependent.  Below Android 6.0 and you will not see wait times....and totally hit or miss with iphone - even running same operating version on the same version phone results in differences.

Look for a traveling mobile provider to visit a park to you soon selling phones capable of running the app :P

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I'm sure glad I went to the park yesterday and not today.

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I had a hankering for MT and was going to go down at rope drop but slept in instead. Kind of glad!

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I had to give a negative review for the latest KI app update. The wait times were only working on probably 5 rides all day for me on Friday, and the app drained my battery like crazy. Even after I had closed it and killed the app I had the notification in the corner of my phone saying that it was searching for activities and could not clear it. I then had to go into app settings and force stop it. Never had a battery drain issue with the app before.

Also not a fan of the new layout. Before to get to the rides list (and wait times) you just needed to hit Rides along the bottom. Now you have to hit Map, wait for it to load, then hit rides, then hit list view. Not the fastest and most intuitive process.

Looked at the Play store and lots of reviews complaining about the same issues. Seems like they rushed the update out too quickly. It does look prettier though.



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