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Countdown to Opening Day for the 2021 Season: May 15th 11:00 AM!

Kings Island is now open for 2021.

Current wait times

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I spent nearly 2 hours in the queue for White Water Canyon. -The exit queue, that is! I had a bunch of extra laundry quarters in my Kings Island fanny pack, and it was weighing down a bit, so I decide

Or Terp's a crackpot but we love him anyway. Offer not valid at Kentucky Kingdom.

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Yeah, It's starting to get more crowded here... Racer was a few cycles wait (only Red has been open thus far) but most waits haven't been too bad for me.

EDIT: So, Adventure Express now has a decent line...

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3 hours ago, MDMC01 said:

 Racer was a few cycles wait (only Red has been open thus far) but most waits haven't been too bad for me.


Thursday when @Magenta Lizard and I rode, the red was down and the blue was running.  This was early in the day and we didn't make it back to Racer again, so it may have opened up. 

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Yesterday (Saturday) was more crowded than I expected; Vortex's queue was full most of the day as well as WindSeeker's! Even after watching the fireworks, I still waited a good ten minutes to ride Vortex once before I had to leave at 10:30.

Also, Shake Rattle & Roll was closed all day for some reason.

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Yesterday, was the most packed day I've had at KI. Even DB Fast Lane was over 20 Mins. Going back today in hopes of less people.


On a complaint note, the girl running wind seeker really was screwing the FL riders. I myself and many others would of got on a ride quicker if we took the regular line instead of FL. She was letting 12 FL riders board, then 50 regular.. I dealt with it having season FL, but for the people who paid the big sticker price of 90$ yesterday, they got screwed on that ride

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29 minutes ago, matthew0813 said:

I just left ki as of 7:40 it’s still closed. (Rmc?)

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Yeah I can come up with an acronym why matching those letters...

And maintenance is currently on the lift hill...

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