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Help! (KI trip 7/6/14)


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My dad works construction and is busy this entire summer building. We haven't gone together since April and he really wants to go tomorrow. I am really scared it's going to be very crowded and we won't get to ride a lot of things. We don't have the money for Fast Lane. I don't know if we should go or not because we would have to leave at 6:00 because he wakes up at 4:00 AM to go to work. Would it be worth it to go?

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If this is you and your dad's only chance to visit together this summer, then yes, it would be worth going.

Having a great time is definitely possible at Kings Island even when it's crowded. If lines get long, look for something with a reasonable wait (try, for example, Vortex, Adventure Express, The Racer, a water ride, or a flat ride), see a show, go for a ride on the train, or relax for a meal.

This is a holiday weekend, so crowds are a given. If you have passes, get there early and ride Action Zone rides during ERT. Lines for rides like The Beast, Diamondback, Flight of Fear, and Firehawk will probably get long and stay that way, so riding those early (before noon) would be a good idea.

I would expect Sunday to be less crowded than Friday or Saturday of this weekend.

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