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Trip Report 7/6/2014

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I was only there for a few hours but had a great time! I was with my dad and my two friends from my neighborhood, both are 11. who had never been to the park before. We started with Diamondback and the line was at the bottom of the stairs and they loved their first roller coaster. Next we went to The Beast for an EXTREMELY PAINFUL RIDE. There was no line but we were still being assigned seats and we had to sit in the back. We went to BLSC which was both of their favorite. Matthew and my dad went to ride WindSeeker while me and Will went through Dinosaurs Alive. We were going to ride FoF but it was a 90 minute wait. The Racer was a 10 minute wait and we rode in the back on Blue. Adventure Express was fun in the front. Will didn't want to ride Banshee but Matthew did so he just crossed over when we got there. Matthew LOVED the back. It's so fast and it's my favorite. We went out to the car for lunch and then rode Congo Falls. Will and my dad saw Cirque Imagine while me and Matthew rode Drop Tower and Banshee 2 more times. After that we all met up and went to The Bat which Will was scared to ride. We rode Ride For Your Life Charlie Brown which I hadn't ridden in 6 years. I was sitting in the front by myself and on the first little hill I slipped to my left and fell out of my seat and into the side of the Log Flume. I got back up and had a death grip on the bar the rest of the ride. We next went to WWC and got drenched. We dried off at The Beast and waited about 40 minutes. We left after that because it started getting more crowded. It was a FUN day.

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