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Stranded Alone at PKI


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I arrived at 11:55 after having to wait for a long line at security I handed the attendent my gold pass. She was (umm special) and didn't belive it was me in my picture. I got held up there for a minute or two. I half ran to the effile tower to meet Coasterguy107. So sign. I was also suppost to meet my friend from school. He also wasent there. I waited for an hour, by myself, in the rain.

At 1:00 I went to Delerium. I found a teacher from my school. I dropped back in line and rode with her and her family. We rode Delerium, Top Gun, Son of Beast, Adventure Express, and Racer. We were walking up to ride Flight of Fear and there was my school friend playing the boxing bag game. I left my teachers and went with his group. We rode Flight of Fear, Voretex, and Tomb Raider. Tomb raiders eye is still broken and the movie screen was stuck in mid-position.

I had to leave at 6:30 so I ducked out right before we got on The Beast. I walked to the drop off/pick-up point and had to wait for 45 minutes because my ride was late.

Don't you hate it when you have to go at a certain time and you know that if you get on another ride you will be late. But if you dont go on a ride you will be super early? It did rain but hey! if you read my last story (Rain, Thunder, Crazy Guy, Oh My) I am used to the rain.

I get home to find out that I'm going again next Sunday. And my new digital camera comes Friday.

I also passed by International Showcase. VH1 Vibe looks good.

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I tell you what, I hate it when it is humid in the park. Not only is it very uncomfortable to breath, but our uniforms are 100% polyester! Now THAT is uncomfortable!

Hopefully it won't rain this weekend, we'll see. They have been saying it will, and then saying it won't till Monday. Aren't we opened Monday anyway? Oh well, I'm only working weekends till June anyway!

I hope all the employees know what to do in really bad weather. Ask a sup if you don't know where to go or where to direct guests.

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