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Memorial Day at PKI


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I got woke up at 9:00AM, and got told that we were going to PKI. I ovcourse questioned it because everyone thinks that Memorial Day is super-crowded, including myself. Well, I got up and blah blah blah...

I had to make a stop at the mall to get links out of my new watch. He said if I guessed/knew what today was, he would do it for free. He only gave me a hint of, think after WW1 in Europe. I told him XXXXXXXXXXX day. It was correct! Yay I got free shipping through using 2nd day air. And it resized for free.

I arrived at PKI at 1pm. I had to park in General parking because the gold pass lot was full. I found someone pulling out in Face Off 49, Yay. As I walked up to one of the four open metal detectors. I saw that the person that operates the trams lifeguard style seat has been replaced. It's hard to describe what it looks like now but it is certainly better for the attendant i.e. ROOF.

Security was a 10 minute wait. The guy in front of me walked through with his cell phone and keys. Nothing lol. It surprised the attendant too. Walked through the turnstile and saw little kids climbing all over the PKI logo infront of the fountain. Messed up my Kodak moment laugh.gif. I made my way over to Scooby Doo. The line was just behind the exit. Nothing new about the ride, just some bulbs have been replaced, and others broken.

I skipped Tomb Raider for some reason. I still don't know why? Well, I went to The Beast instead. I noticed a clearing behind Tomb Raider. Behind the grass directly behind the building. It was soil but it had been dried and now looks tannish. The trims were on and certainly working. Nothing to talk about. As I exited The Beast, they were playing, "Beer for my horses" by Toby Keith and Willy Nelson.

Finally I got to go on one of the two rides I had to ride. The Eagles! There was a man with his young daughter riding, he was good. He did it all, stalls, spins, freefall, etc. He was impressive. I got on and couldn't do much. Spins, freefall, and I only caught one really good gust of wind. I was disappointed.

Vortex was next, nothing to talk about. The back is the best. I went to the Action FX Theater next, the line was backed up to the end of the building. I left. Snapped a picture of the new ride logo, so it wasent a total loss.

Dodgems was funny, I got to the outside and wait. I usually attack my Mom. And yes I will wait a full 60 for one good head on hit. And the Dodgems was slowed down drastically.

The second of my must ride rides, the Monster. Monster got a new sign, snapped a picture of that. I moved my camera too fast and the strait post came out looking like )) )) that was cool. I rode with my brother. And we are the gods of spinning on the Monster. We kept it spinning so fast that we had EVERYONE looking at us. Seriously we were spinning faster than 1 rotation per second. It was crazy. We spin the ENTIRE RIDE! Before, during, and after. We got a bunch of comments after the ride, saying "How do you do that?" "You guys spun so fast that it shuck the entire ride!" "Don't throw up on me!" I said rather loudly, "Who wants to eat?"

Delerium was next. I shot some video of Slingshot. As well as a picture of the soon to be finished Bubba Gump Shrimp. It will be kinda like Wings Diner style. I shot some quick video of Delirium it was cool because the trees were blowing really hard. And there was a lot of screaming, no, make that all screaming. Full queue, but it was nothing, I'm used to waiting. I sat in the same seat at I did on my trip titled "Rain, Thunder, Crazy Guy, Oh My."

Drop Zone was next, a little less than full queue. I sat in seat 33. Noticed a disassembled coaster train over in the Timberwolf fencing. I couldn't make out what it was. It wasn't King Cobra. Anybody know what it is??? Its old and faded bad. Drop Zone also got new seatbelts. You pinch them open now. And everytime you got a hand full of people that couldn't get them off. I even had a little struggle getting them off. But I was still the first one off.

Walked to the Eiffel Tower, on low battery in my camera. Shot some video and took a lot of pictures. Fountain looks great from about, got a pic of it. I walked out and took pic of all the metal detectors. And some video. The video was cool starting out showing one and than turing slowly so it looked like an endless line. And guess what? Some guy walked in my shot. ANGER. I also got a shot of Mandarin Cuisine, it looks wonderful.

I just got a new $300 dollar digital camera/camcorder for this site. Get this, I got a $300 dollar camera, wrapped in an old sock. Hey, it fits! So look for a lot of new high resolution pictures, and some video. If you would like to use a picture for any reason, email me! Thanks!

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Drop Zone was next, a little less than full queue. I sat in seat 33. Noticed a disassembled coaster train over in the Timberwolf fencing. I couldn't make out what it was. It wasn't King Cobra. Anybody know what it is??? Its old and faded bad.

That particular train is one of the original trains from Outer Limits/Flight of Fear. It's actually been sitting back there for quite a few years.

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