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Cedar Point HalloWeekends

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This is way out there but there has been much speculation that major midway changes will occur back there possibly connecting MS area to the Gemini Midway and might involve relocating P&D.   If so maybe they could use that building temporarily this season until they do whatever to the area over the winter.   I don't see them using the MS infield for anything this year with all the construction continuing.  

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Eden Musee's building was still standing as of my last visit. It will be interesting to see if the maze re-opens next season, or if something else is there in its place.

I am curious how RMC Streak's queue will be configured; they'll need a lot more space than used for Mean Streak's final line configuration.

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Cedar Point has updated the HalloWeekends page with daytime activities. New this year, several rides are joining in the fun with special theming - including a challenge from Mine Ride to our very own Mystic Timbers. A toned-down version of the Hexed Haunt maze will also be open during the day.









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I was there last year, but didn`t do any haunts.

I wish KI would do some of the Halloween themed overlays they are doing for some of their rides.  It doesn`t take a lot to do some of these, as some of them are just soundtracks, but still adds to the overall atmosphere.  Kudos to Cedar Point for doing small things like this.

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