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Cool Idea for visitkingsisland.com


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For those that are unaware, pki.com still works (redirects you to visitkingsisland.com) and requires less typing.

That doesn't solve the problem that the average member of the general public looking for the park website would be likely to try kingsisland.com first and would never think of visitkingsisland.com until they give up and go to Google. I know when looking for an unfamiliar website, I often try obvious domains directly before hitting Google.

very true; however I'm one of those people that unless I go to the website on a regular basis, I use a search for the site, rather than typing in the name of the site. I know homedepot.com is the website for home depot, but I generally just go thru the search; not sure why. On the other hand, I know exactly why I do a search for Dick's Sporting Goods, not quite sure what an inexact url would direct me to.

I figure for those like me that only go to KI's website a handful of times a year, the pki.com is shorter and easier to remember/spell correctly than visitkingsisland.com

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