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Nick's Trip Report, 7/31/14

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I hadn't been to the park in about 2 and a half weeks so me and my friend Nathan went to the park for an unforgettable experience.

We got to the park at 10:11 and went straight to Diamondback to avoid crowds later in the day. We waited 5 minutes the first time and we sat in 2-1. I personally like the seats that are staggered better than the close together ones but they were assigning seats. The line was now about 10 minutes so we decided to ride again. This time we sat in 7-1 for a rougher but awesomely fun ride. After DB we headed to The Beast where the line was about to the line separator for the front and rear of the train. We sat in 1-3 and I thought it might have been a good idea to put my hands up. It was not. We were going around the turn before the second tunnel and it jerked my arm into the thing (I don't know what it's called) between the seats and now have a big throbbing bruise. It was still a fun ride though and I still love it. We skipped Backlot, Vortex, and WindSeeker and went to see the line for FoF. It and Firehawk were both 60 minutes and we decided not to ride either.

Then we went to The Racer and waited about 20 minutes for 1-3. The line was only at the bottom of the ramp up to the ride but they were only running the Red Racer and it took about 3 minutes every dispatch. After that we were planning on riding AE but the line was all the way to the entrance to we decided against it. Walking past Slingshot we could see Banshee was almost a full queue but we decided to ride anyway. The guy and the front entrance said it was a 2 hour wait (yeah right) and suggested we not ride. We waited 36 minutes and sat in 6-1 and 6-2. We then took a break and went to Auntie Anne's for some pretzels and a Coke. After that we went up the Eiffel Tower to see what the lines were like. We were not pleased.

DB was almost a full queue and so was Banshee. BLSC was about half full. Firehawk and FoF appeared to have full queues. We went down and decided we would just look around for a short line. When we got to WindSeeker it was almost empty and we got a great view of the park. It was kind of funny when we got back down because we went to Banshee and the line was now only 1 queue lane! We rode it two more times and then it started getting crowded. Next we walked around the park and couldn't find anything. Banshee at this point was down for technical problems. We decided we had nothing better to do so we sat by the entrance for it to open. I talked with another guest and the employee at the entrance about some roller coaster related stuff until we saw the ride start testing. Then a huge line formed behind us and was almost back to the Festhaus. They of course let Fast Lane Plus holders go first and then let us through. We got up the stairs and they had already let a train full of FLP's leave and we waited for the front. We got on the third train they rain in the front and it was amazing. When we got off they had already opened 2 queue lanes and the wait was about 15 minutes. It was awesome getting to be first and that had never happened to either of us before.

We then went to The Bat and waited about 10 minutes for the front. I liked the ride better in the front than the back and that surprised me. It was getting kind of cloudy but it was still hot so we went to Congo Falls to cool off. We rode 4 times in a row until getting off to do other things. We were on our way to Coney Mall for the Potato Works when we passed AE and saw the line was now about to the second to last Fun TV. We waited 5 minutes for the front and had a super shaky ride. We were hoping the Potato Works in Coney Mall had those chicken bites that came in a cup but they didn't so we went to the one in Rivertown. It was about 6:45 or 7:00 when we ate. We went to see if Diamondback's line died down but before we even got to WWC we saw it was a full queue with the addition of the second queue. We went back and somehow Nathan convinced me to ride Vortex. We sat 1-2 and actually had an enjoyable ride. I ride it by sticking my chest into the restraint and putting my head a little in front of the restraint. I wasn't dizzy at all getting off but I can't say the same about Nathan. I told him to sit down but he said just to ride something not so thrilling.

We went back on WindSeeker. It had just started sprinkling rain every now and then but nothing major. When we got off he said he was ready to do Vortex again. I told him how to ride it when we were on the chainlift (the lights just turned on and it was getting darker by the minute thanks to the rain clouds). The sun was setting and Diamondback looked beautiful with the sun right behind it. We sat in 3-1 and it was awesome! Now that I know how to ride it I will definitely ride it more this year. We went back on WindSeeker for the third time and got to see a beautiful Kings Island in the sunset. Now that all the lights were on the ride we decided we better start hurrying to rides. We went to the Blue Racer and waited a minute for 5-2 and had a surprisingly smooth ride. It was starting to sprinkle a little more now and our heads were wet by the time the ride was over. The sun was now halfway across the horizon and getting darker. We went to AE and rode in 5-2 in the dark and it was actually really fun! I had never ridden it when it was darker out and I loved it. The back car seemed smoother than the front and I really liked that. The tunnels were pitch dark and that was amazing. When the ride was over the rain was coming in what seemed like little cannon balls of water. We got back in line and rode again in 5-1. Same experience but even darker and in the rain. The cars were soaked but it made it that much more awesome. We then rode it one more time in 5-3. That's when it got bumpy. I thought it was actually kind of scary looking back at the empty tunnels in the dark when we were on the chain.

It was now raining but letting up a little so we tried to get back on Vortex. They said it was closed for weather and had the train sitting on the chainlift. We then got one last ride on WindSeeker and the park looks amazing from up there at night. Me and my friend Nathan are Attack on Titan fans and we asked if they could play Guren no Yumiya on the ride and the employee just looked at us like we were from another planet.It was 9:30 now and we just had to get a night ride on The Beast. We got in line at 9:35 and the sign said a 60 minute wait. We got through the first part of the queue pretty fast actually. About 10 minutes. We were about halfway up the ramp to the station when they closed the ride temporarily for the fireworks. We sat down and did stuff on our phones for about 10 minutes until the fireworks started. I have no idea why but the ride remained closed for almost 12 minutes after the fireworks were over. Some people in line were screaming and swearing at the ride op to start the ride. When it finally did start going again the line moved pretty quickly. We were in the line for the front seat within 7 minutes of them starting the ride again. There were only 4 people in front of us to ride in the front and that surprised me. We got on the third to last train they ran that day and IT. WAS. AMAZING. Sitting in the front made it so much cooler. I had ridden at night somewhere in the middle during Haunt last year but the front is superb. When we got back to the station it was empty. They had just sent out the last train of people for the day and we walked through a seemingly deserted Kings Island until getting up to the front gate. We hopped in our ride at about 10:30 and got home about 11:00. I can say without any doubt that this was the best trip to Kings Island I've had all year.

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We went back and somehow Nathan convinced me to ride Vortex. We sat 1-2 and actually had an enjoyable ride. I ride it by sticking my chest into the restraint and putting my head a little in front of the restraint.

We sat in 3-1 and it was awesome! Now that I know how to ride it I will definitely ride it more this year.

The way you learned how to "ride" Vortex is actually very similar to how I always ride it! When I ride it I put my head a little forward. I do agree that it makes a little bit of a difference in how you experience the ride.

Glad you had lots of fun on my favorite ride! And the rest of Kings Island, of course. :) I enjoyed reading your report!

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