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What If KI Was Bought By TODAY'S Cedar Fair?


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Well, if Kings Island were bought by today's Cedar Fair, that means Paramount would have owned the park in the intermediate time. I for one wouldn't have liked to see how the park turned out especially the way they handled their last few ride installments.

More so, the rides we could have potentially lost. Makes me shudder thinking about it.

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Well, if Kings Island were bought by today's Cedar Fair, that means Paramount would have owned the park in the intermediate time...


If, in some parallel universe, the Cedar Fair of today was the one that had purchased the Paramount Parks back in 2006, do you think Mr. Ouimet and his management team would've found it worthwhile to continue a "partnership" that would maintain Paramount licenses...

So in other words, pretending that today's management was the management in place in 2006, preceding or immediately after the purchase.

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I've mentioned this many times, but if you have a young son who blurts out "Kings Island" every time he sees a piece of advertising using the Peanuts, you quickly realize just how often you see the Peanuts gang. Car washes, blimps, life insurance, TV specials, etc.... its around a lot more than I ever realized. There is also a certain element that relates to the Peanuts that Nickelodeon never could, namely grandparents. There are many grandparents who hand out in Planet Snoopy with their grandchildren. Many (most) grandparents can relate to snoopy, share an experience and tell their grandchildren Charlie Brown stories from their youth; few grandparents can relate to Sponge Bob, fewer still (probably something close, but above "none") can share stories of Squidword (sp?) from their youth.

The Peanuts create a connection that spans across 3 generations (and in some case 4 generations). While the rides in Planet Snoopy are designed around 3-7 year olds, the names and themeing of those rides are designed around 25-80 year olds. My son calls Woodstock Express The Beastie, FAAC is "the yellow coaster", Snoopy's Splash Dance is "the splashpad", etc... He could give a rip what the name of the ride is and few are highly themed. Its the parents and grandparents who care, who name evokes memories of their youth, who's souvenirs they consume, etc.. Since Disney related theming isn't in the picture, The Peanuts is a great property to by associated with. Its still occasionally relevant to today's youth and will become even more so with next season's movie, and its incredibly relatable to the generations who proceed them, the people actually spending the money in the park.

That's exactly how I see it. You'd be hard pressed to find another IP that is as timeless as the Penuts gang has proven to be. It might seem to many that they are not relevnat today but as yuo point out they are used in tons of advertising. Plus I'd say most kids see at least the Halloween and Christmas specials adn know the characters from those.

I don't see any other current properties having teh same lasting power. Nickelodeon has hanged greatly and is morelive action shows now for one and most of their shows only last a few years. Spongebob is the only thing still relevant now that was 5+ years ago. But I don't see him still being around in another 20 years or so. Whereas Peanuts have been around for over 60 years.

As for the original question of retaining rights to the Paramount films I think it would have been unlikely unless they got them for an extremly low price. Very few of the rides were that heavily themed. Tomb Raider and IJST are about teh only ones I can think of that really had much theme. Most of the other rides really only had a name of a movie stuck on them and some movie posters in the queue. Otherwise there was hardly any change once Cedar Fair removed the movie connections. Even BLSC has hardly changed. So it would probably be a bit of a waste of money to spend on the rights when it would primarily jsut be used to give a ride a name based on a movie.

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