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Question i need answered please!


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^^Rita's Water Ice

^If you're going to correct people you might as well be right.ysa7uzud.jpg


The way something is stylized in a logo does not necessarily correlate to its legal spelling.

I doubt a corporate email to the headquarters of the company (Dippin' Dots, Inc.) would be returned "Thank you for your interest in dippin' dots..."

GYK, who was a massive fan of Paramount's Kings Island *


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Dippin' Dots, LLC would no doubt be more worried about their product becoming a generic description of ice cream (let me google that on Yahoo dot com) than about it being presented without an apostrophe. They're smart enough to have prepared for the apostrophe situation.


The idea is: trademarks are important. The Interpreter is right to defend them. A lesson learned early on here is that intellectual property must be accurately represented. If we use Google to search for something, Google and their lawyers appreciate for it to be presented as such. I don't know a whole lot about it, but it seems to me that the way a name is stylized in a logo does not detract from its legal standing. If you're a fan of Disney Parks, you'll notice that "it's a small world" and "a bug's land" are always presented in quotation marks when using lower-case.

I don't know what - if anything - that has to do with legal trademark, but I bet it's got something to do with it!

EDITED for kindness.

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Can I scream like a Banshee on that too?

I love the interesting concepts that they have done in the years, amazing innovations in what I remember only in small packages in Newport Aquarium.

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