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Kings Island Meetup Friday August 22nd 2014: Goki32 & malem


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As I waited at the Front Gate of the park for Early Ride Times, I turn and see malem running along the grass towards my position. We head in, start the day with two rides on Banshee. Met some Cedar Point fans there and I enjoyed telling them about my trip to the park last week in fact. Our next ride of the day was one ride on The Bat(nice to get a early morning water ride lol). So of course with the rest of the park opening for the day the next thing to do was to head for X-Base and have some early morning rides on Flight of Fear & Firehawk.

I reccommended that we head to Backlot Stunt Coaster next to get that ride out of the way so we did. Next up was The Beast and two rides on Diamondback. I then decided to go over to the Peanuts Playhouse to see if Holiday Horror stuff was put out to prepare for Halloween Haunt; but no luck so I guess that maze is not returning from what it looks now:(. So next we decided to go ride Vortex. Afterwards we did some looking around Coney Mall which included: Looking at the old Flight Commander Queue Area, took a peek through windows at the to be new Haunt Attraction in the closed down Arcade, and Looked at the proccess of Delta Delta Die.

After some of that little stuff, we then went and rode The Red Racer. Took a lunch break at the Festhaus with malem eating Hank's Burrito Shack's Food and I with Chicken Shack food(Had a problem with my Platinum Pass and Season Dining Plan though but that problem was fixed). After all that we went and checked out the Execution Platform advertising this season's Halloween Haunt and then rode: Delirium, Congo Falls, and Invertigo. malem reccomended that we go do X-Base again before the schools start taking over the park and so we did well kinda, Flight of Fear's line was too long so we only did Firehawk again. Rode Zephyr, looked at the CornStalkers's proccess at the Tower Gardens, waited for malem to change shoes so he could do water rides, and rode Boo Blasters on Boo Hill. We then went to check on Diamondback's line and decided to ride that again.

Went and did White Water Canyon next, met at nice group of people, had fun getting wet and then rode The Beast again. I think I remember we went and did Adventure Express next then Scrambler, another ride on Diamondback, Race For Your Life Charlie Brown, and Viking Fury. We took another break for a bit, met Ryan(BoddaH1994), another dude, Andrew and talked for a bit. I got another meal at Chicken Shack, I don't remember much after that but I know we did night rides on Banshee later, Adventure Express, Met Homestar92 and some other guy whose name I haven't memorized and rode The Beast(At Night). Talked and rode Beast, Diamondback, and Banshee while saying abunch of Cartoon or Video Game references and that certainly capped off a nice day at the park.

We all talked for a bit out in the parking lot about stuff and all parted ways while I went and got a few things at Mcdonalds and headed home.

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It was a good day to visit the park. Crowds were very light; Flight of Fear was the only ride we ever saw with more than a minimal line. Even that was a station wait by the evening hours.

Admittedly, I was still recovering from nearly nonstop days of 10am-midnight riding at KI and CP on previous weekends. Sorry I had to turn down Monster/Scrambler!

By the way, we also met up with LoraX and Princess Sparkles for a bit.

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