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Camden Park


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So, my son and I made a trip to Camden Park about two weekends ago. We went from 5pm to 10pm. We arrived shortly after 5 and immediately went to kiddie land. He was so excited to be going to Camden Park with daddy ever since we rode a roller coaster at North Myrtle Beach. The coaster was similar to Wildcat, but it was a portable model. He was really ready to ride that one when we got into the station, but as soon as we departed, he asked me to hold on to him.

Back to Camden. He rode the boat ride there that is just circular and enjoyed it very much. I guess all kids like to pretend that they are driving something. After that, we went over to the junior whip and he liked that as always. I so enjoy watching my son (who is 5) smiling really big when he is getting a thrill from rides. After that, we went to the planes that go in a circle. They have two seats and guns that I saw several kids who enjoyed pretending to shoot something. Next, we went to the carousel. Daddy rode this one with him and he liked it as I commentated on how we were racing each other and one horse took the lead over the other.

After that, we went to the Paratrooper. I still like this ride much as I did when I was a kid and went to Camden on a school trip. He was a little bit scared once it came to maximum height, but I reassured him we would be fine. Next, we went to the Big Dipper. He loves coasters. I have the Roller Coasters of Cedar Point video and he loves watching it. It's funny how he'll say he's been on this or that one and he's never been there. I find it particularly funny that he swears that the Blue Streak is at Camden. I guess because in his eyes, it's the Big Dipper. He loved his ride on the Big Dipper and had daddy hold on to him as we rode. He told me afterwards how he likes the tunnel.

Next, we went across the railroad tracks to get a ride on some others. We went to the Rockin' Tug and it was down. So, we went next door to ride the Tilt-A-Whirl. I told him that daddy new how to ride one of these so we could get maximum spinning out of it. Man, I had really forgotten how much fun that ride is. We went to the Little Dipper after that. He likes it pretty well and I just enjoy watching him experience the wonder of amusement parks. So, he talked me into a round of miniature golf after the Little Dipper. I thought it was a really good course and I didn't even bother to get a score card because he was going to win anyway lol.

We went to the Whip after that. I love the Whip, but man that ride is hard on my back. The turns are not that bad, but you kinda slam back into the straight away. Not a problem or a complaint about the ride. I just have a bad back. we headed over for a spin on the Scrambler next. This is another ride that I loved as a kid and as a coaster fanatic, had forgotten how fun other rides can be. I love the flat collection at KI and CP and ride them every time I go. However, there was a time where I didn't bother in the early 1990's because I just used to go to marathon coasters. I was really missing out. Plus, now that I have a son, I am more about the overall park experience. My son Trey really enjoyed the Scrambler. We wound up riding them twice each. He also rode what he likes to call the umbrella ride, which is a circular car ride that has different vehicles on it. He rode that one twice and smiled all the way.

At that point, it was the end of the night and we were heading out the front gate when he saw some light sabers, which I had to get him one. He is a Star Wars boy after all. We had a great time at Camden Park and I can't wait to take him to Kings Island next year. I still can't manage to get him to ride the haunted house again. He had one ride two years ago and it scared him to the point that he wanted to get off the ride. I told him he had to wait until it was over. I spoke to a couple of the employees there while waiting in line and everyone was really friendly and helped make my experience a great one. I took several pics with my phone, but I can't really upload them because I'm on a company computer.

If you are ever in West Virginia, take time to help support our little park. It's not the greatest in the world, but it has plenty for the little ones.

Did not ride the Rattler either as he is not tall enough. Maybe next season.

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I have found that if you lean towards the left or the right, depending on which way the car seems to be pulling, you will shift the weight, thus the car spins faster.

Pronto Pups are where it's at. Some would call it a corndog, but a Pronto Pup is much better.

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^ Seconded. Pronto Pups are very good.

There is also an eatery with burgers, chicken, and the like (you know, typical picnic type fare) near the Flying Scooters. The food is good, but nothing too special. But the pricing is very fair, and it's not any more expensive than it would be to leave the park and eat.

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