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Nick's #KIbestday

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I went to Haunt last night with my then just friend Ellie. Leave it to her to get scared before we even get checked by security. All the monsters were crowding

around the front and targeting her and I realized it might not be so scary (for me). The first thing we did was Banshee and then off to Wolf Pack. I had been

dreading this because I had never been in a haunted maze before but something about being with her made me not scared. I worked up the courage to hold her hand

before we went in Wolf Pack and I have to say it was pretty good. It was still light outside so we could see fairly well inside and I think I only jumped twice. She on the

other hand screamed like a Banshee every time one of them even looked at her. I have some bruises on my hand but I think they're worth it. We came to an

agreement that we would do a ride then a haunted house. She still hadn't let go of my hand. We went on Drop Tower next then we went clubbing at Club Blood. This

was actually my least favorite (though I liked all of them) but it was her favorite. In this one she actually hugged me and I hugged her back to "protect her" from the

"dangerous" scare actor. After that we went to AE and Racer then up the Eiffel Tower. If you don't like mushy stuff I suggest you stop reading. She didn't want to go at

first but I told her that if I can do a haunted house she can do the Eiffel Tower. It was almost freezing up there so I let her wear my jacket. At this point we were

basically snuggling. It's funny because before I hated it when people did that but now I kind of understand. We hugged like that for about 10 minutes when she said

how beautiful it looked. I replied, "Almost as beautiful as you." And that's when we kissed. Everything was in slow motion and I felt like the king of the world. She told

me she loved me and I said I did too and she just rested her head on my shoulder for about 5 more minutes before we went down. I doubt any Eiffel Tower visit after

this will ever be as amazing as this one. We sat for about 15 minutes before Blood Drums started so we could be in the front row. Amazing as usual. We next went to

my favorite maze, Cornstalkers. We did some more romantic stuff in line I'll spare you guys from hearing about and then went through. We were soooo lucky that we

got to be in the front. Yay.... It actually wasn't as bad as I thought. Just like before they targeted her. We got out and met up with my dad at the Festhaus. Ghouls

Gone Wild might be the worst show I've ever seen at Kings Island. I'll just leave it at that. We headed out to Diamondback and she thankfully didn't notice the Carnevil

sign. I was okay with all of the mazes we did but clowns are really pushing it for me. We did that cute thing where you put your hands up while you hold hands in the

picture. We went to Tombstone TerrorTory and it was okay. The end with the guy in the box got me worse than anything else the entire night because I was literally

right next to him. We went to The Beast for a legendary night ride and to the creepiest maze we did all night. Slaughterhouse. It started out like any other haunted

maze but things started getting weirder and weirder and I felt like I was in some weird dream. Nothing really scared me (can't say the same for her) but it just creeped

me out. We went to BLSC and there was no one there, literally. We rode twice and the second time the ride-op rode with us. We sat in the fog together for a little bit

then went through Backwoods Bayou at about 12:45. We went to our car and went home. She fell asleep in my lap and it was the greatest night of my young life. I'll

post a picture of us together in line for DB when she puts it on Instagram.

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At first I was reading your report and thinking it was kinda cheesy coming from a grown man ha ha. Then I quickly realized you were a teenager and your pic confirmed it so that totally changes things. Congrats bud it sounds like you had an amazing night. I'm in my early 20's now and have been going to haunted houses / trails and such since I was a kid so it's hard for me to get scared anymore but I still have a lot of fun going through them regardless. Great report man.. hopefully you guys can go again this season.

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