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note- www.PKI.com has died


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pki.com, visitkingsisland.com, cedarpoint.com and cedarfair.com are all registered as "private" domains, meaning that the identity of the owner is hidden behind a third party company. The third party company ("Perfect Privacy, LLC" in Jacksonville, FL) is listed as the owner instead of Cedar Fair or its affiliated companies.

For a publicly traded company to have their primary web domains registered this way is bizarre.

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I wrote what I meant and I meant what I wrote, 100%....

Both new companies were created so the owner could sell off or close Sears or Kmart while retaining the rights to the Sears only brands. He then could, possibly, sell an exclusive deal with another company, say Autozone, to sell Craftsman tools or Best Buy selling Kenmores....

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Sometimes I regret having worked in the web hosting business...

The registration for pki.com is set for August 6, 2017 and is set to use the same name servers as visitkingsisland.com.

Both domains resolve to IPs within the IP range owned by (or at least registered to Paramount Parks in Charlotte, NC). Since cedarpoint.com resolves to an IP in that same range, it's possible, I guess, that the the buyout a few years ago included that IP range and that registration info hasn't been updated? ARIN used to be pretty strict, so I'm surprised they haven't put their foot down on that.

There's all sorts of things that can be done as part of a buyout. It's possible Paramount Parks still technically exists as legal entity as aa subsidiary as Cedar Fair and they are basically web hosting providers...who knows what details were involved in the purchase agreement.

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^ Paramount Parks, Inc continues to exist as a subsidiary (named Cedar Fair Southeast, if I remember correctly).

At the time of the acquisition, Paramount Parks, Inc. was way ahead of Cedar Fair, L.P. in technology. It makes sense that they contributed the IP block.

You're right, though - Cedar Fair really should update the name on their registration.

EDIT: It's Cedar Fair Southwest. Perhaps Richard had Kings Island on his mind when renaming the company.

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The state of Ohio still calls the park Paramount's Kings Island on work permits.

(Yes Terps that's obtainable information. All you have to do is get approved of working at Kings Island. haha)

I'd quit joking about this were I you.


You apparently are not aware of past actions.

And your second paragraph contradicts your first. Fortunately, it isn't true.

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