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Kings Island adding two rides and other improvements for 2015

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Kings Island on Facebook :

"Construction of the new Coca-Cola Marketplace is underway near the entrance to Coney Mall. Coca-Cola Freestyle, fresh coffee and a variety of healthy snack options including fresh salads and fruits will be offered at this location."


Photo : Don Helbig / Kings Island via Facebook

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Hi! I read these forums daily but don't post much, but with the new flyer addition, I'm pretty excited.

They do indeed look nice. I liked the thought of calling them the Flying Beagles myself, but just so beyond happy to have a new set of flyers close to home.

As a long time fan of the original Flying Eagles and their snappability, I have a question about the new Larson versions. Is it possible to snap them? I have not had a chance to get a ride on these new versions yet, and I've watched some video online of them in action. Looks like fun of course, but I did not see anything close to the wild rides that our original Eagles gave. Just wondering if there are versions of the Larson model that can be snapped? Thanks for any feedback!

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The park indicated in a recent post on Facebook (and which was mentioned a bit earlier in this thread) that the gliders will indeed snap:

Kings Island on Facebook :

"The construction of Woodstock Gliders, a classic flying scooters ride from Larson International, is underway in Planet Snoopy. The ride features eight two-person planes that glide 28 feet above the ground. Each plane has a stationary rear wing and a movable front wing which allows the rider to control the flight and alter their ride experience from mild to wild. Be among the first to experience Woodstock Gliders when the park opens for the 2015 season April 18."

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Thanks for the reply Gabe. I did read that in the thread earlier, but as I watched some of the video out there, I was getting some doubts if these new versions did indeed snap.

I have had, like so many others here, some near religious memorable rides on our long lost Eagles..ha! So, without having to travel to Knoebels or Carowinds to get a great flyer ride again would be a dream come true! Thanks again for the feedback!

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@KingsIslandPR on Twitter :

"It's down to the finishing touches for the new Woodstock Gliders ride opening April 18. #KIOpeningDay "


Photo : Don Helbig / Kings Island via Twitter

......And one from the Planet Snoopy Construction Cam.....


(Live Still-Image captured from Kings Island's Planet Snoopy Construction Cam)

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Whoa, that's torn up quite a bit! And less than a month till opening day! Right by Tower Gardens too... Can't wait to see how it turns out!

He also posted a new photo of Shake, Rattle, & Roll, it looks great!



Photo: Greg Scheid (VP/General Manager of Kings Island via Twitter

EDIT - Should've looked at the Shake, Rattle, & Roll topic first! TheBEASTunchained beat me to posting it. Oh well, it's relevant in this thread as well I suppose.

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Awesome! Another ride my little guy can ride. Honestly, its these types of things that help build the memories that last forever. My kid would be happy with re-riding the same ride every time. But as a parent, standing in a new place is awesome!

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