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Countdown to Opening Day for the 2021 Season: May 15th 11:00 AM!

Kings Island is now open for 2021.

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I apologize if this has been posted before, I could not find a topic with it.

Four amusement park industry veterans founded a new amusement ride company, Skyline Attractions, LLC, back in July. Three of the men were former employees of Great Coasters International.

Over the course of the following few months, the company continually teased their first project. A few weeks back, it was finally announced: Strike-U-Up, a piece of their Games-U-Ride line.

Earlier today, the company announced its second attraction, Spin-U-Win.

Both attractions look like fun experiences, albeit nothing major. I could easily see major amusement parks installing them as simple games without giving way too much media attention to them.

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The animations look like RCT4 Quality! :P

Interesting attractions, but I am not that sure on the "sellability" of these attractions except for maybe a carnival or a roadside fun place.

EDIT: The last ride actually was a child's toy in the 90's too, just an f.y.i.

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With a name that sparks visions of massive thrilling rides and a logo to follow suit, I can only wonder if these are just the first and most minor concepts developed by this company. I feel like they would also have roller coasters and thrill rides. Hopefully eventually they will announce larger projects, but at least these are a start.

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I'm sure since it is a new company, coming up with a few smaller, easy to market attractions, is a good way to market yourself and start building a consumer base. On their website, it looks like they've got some other types of rides that they'll be announcing soon.

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