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flying eagles back?


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Police officers are typically provided service weapons. They have the ability to kill someone with the simple pull of a trigger.

Are they allowed to shoot someone? Only in very specific cases where it is justified.

What's my point of this dramatic example? Having the ability to do something and having authorization to do something are entirely different.

Another example: employees at a software company are given computers with network access (naturally). They have the ability to hack into systems they have not been granted access. Are they allowed to? Nope, it's hacking. They'll likely lose their job.

The cop would likely go to jail..

Well, that escalated quickly; but oh so true.

The ride operators are properly trained on how to operate and manage their respective attractions, and will perform at their best to deliver the guest with the best, safe, experience one could have on the said attraction as instructed. Because, to be honest, that is what I see at Kings Island. I have had some of the best ride operator/ride operations experiences at Kings Island, and I know that statement is backed up by what Kings Island has to offer.

Remember too, that this is a family attraction, not a thrill-junkie's paradise.

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Does anyone remember the thrill rating for the old Flying Eagles? I saw on the new KI app that Woodstock Gliders has a rating of 1, which I thought was surprisingly low.

https://www.carowinds.com/rides/planet-snoopy/woodstock-gliders (hi, Don!)

They are currently a 3. Same chain, so I assume same standards for determining the thrill rating. Disappointing that ours are a 1, it leads me to believe they'll be one of the tamer sets, but we shall see. I was going to compare to the Lake Erie Eagles, but their thrill rating is not listed on the website.

KD's Eagles are also a 3, and they are very snappable (though they don't allow snapping) as I had to actually fight the ride to prevent it from snapping.

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