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Countdown to Opening Day for the 2021 Season: May 15th 11:00 AM!

Kings Island is now open for 2021.

Cedar Point Winter Chill-Out

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It looks like a database backup was restored. I'm posting this topic again since it was apparently lost.

Cedar Point has opened registration for this year's Winter Chill-Out event. Tickets cost $45, and proceeds go directly to Give Kids The World. No coaster club membership is required. The date this year is Saturday, February 21. (Weather date February 28.)

Details: https://www.cedarpoi...ll-Out?mobile=0

Is anyone from here going? Participants must choose one of four start times; post your chosen time here if you want to coordinate with other KICentral members. (The latest tour sold out quickly; early times should have plenty of availability.)

Note that tickets must be purchased on a desktop computer. Mobile devices are specifically excluded, even though the calendar says 2015.

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Great Ohio CC posted the following: That's a decent size clearing over by the former Good Times Theatre.

Rougaru trains from @TonyClarkCP

Word on the street is that it was announced Maverick will be getting the soft OSTR straps (like I305 has). Can anyone that was there confirm that?

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To those driving up, stay safe and leave plenty of travel time! It looks like most of Ohio will see snow tonight and through the day tomorrow.




I had considered buying a ticket for the 8:30am tour and getting back to Columbus by early evening for my prior commitment. That would not have been a good idea with this forecast.

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Great Ohio CC posted the following:

It's 2pm and we're now allowed to talk about everything we learned about today.
1. Turnpike Cars are leaving.
2. Calypso is moving to the left of Giant Wheel
3. Sir Rub a Dub's Tubs is leaving.
4. Gazebo food stand is leaving
5. Jr Dodgem is moving to the lake side of Planet Snoopy where the Gazebo food stand was.
6. Dodgem is moving to the spot where Sir Rub a Dub's Tubs and Jr Dodgem was.
The building formarly occupied by Earthquake and Berenstain Bear country will be the new location of Sweet Treats (may be remembering the name wrong)
7. The lake side entrance of Breakers is getting a make over that includes a fire pits on either side of the entrance.
8. Today's event raised $27,000 for Give Kids the World.
9. Media Day is the Friday before opening day: 5am-10am is Media Only and a select number of lucky people. It is not open to all enthusiasts, 5pm-7pm is the First Rider auction winners, 7pm to 10pm is a season passholder preview.
10. Maverick is getting new restraints like the ones on Intimidator 305.
11. There's probably more I'm not remembering. I had to do this all from memory.

That's a decent size clearing over by the former Good Times Theatre.

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