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Kings Island Super 8 reel from 1972

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I sent you a PM.


Here is a snippet of what has been done on some 8mm donated by the Fessler family from Bellevue, Ky.

This is just initial steps in the process. Far from a finished product and already much improved.

The frame on the left is what you get from most places if they provide a good telecine. On the right is our 1080p direct frame by frame scan of the film.





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15 hours ago, Oldiesmann said:

My former coworker's brother (who I believe is the grandson of the guy who shot that Fessler footage) posted some of it to Facebook in 2017 and more to YouTube last year.


That would be Joey Fessler.  These are the reels of film he donated. There are 2 from Coney Island we plan on restoring as well. 



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