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Countdown to Opening Day for the 2021 Season: May 15th 11:00 AM!

Kings Island is now open for 2021.

Woman says God, aliens told her to go see amusement park

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Yep. Third Eye Blind can go right back into the studio and record a few more verses of "Semi-Charmed Life." Yep.

♫ Doo doo doot, doot-do-doot-do,

Doo doo doot--

The park was closed, I was gettin' visions of it-

From a panty hose-type, shiny egg-shape spaceship,

UFOs, an' I wish I could get back there, to the

Place I used to stand in li-i-i-i-i-ine!

Doo doo doot, doot-do-doot-do,

Doo doo doot, doot-do-doot-do ♫

(with a little work, it'll scan. :ph34r: )

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I get why some people do some drugs, but not meth. Its made of the most insane ingredients, screws you up in multiple ways, and can kill you in many ways by just making it.

and it can make a home poisonous and condemned.

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Did I miss something? Didn't see where it said she was on meth, or anything.

Wouldn't surprise me though.

We see several meth bust every month here. Just had one yesterday about 4 blocks from where I work.

Had to evacuate an entire block.

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The park should of had guards walking around. The parks have them even though they are closed.


After all, these "gentle people" WERE apprehended.

It was "guards" (security) that found the unattended vehicle, the infant and took the alleged miscreants into custody.

It is always good to read the linked article(s) before commenting.

I'm always amazed, here and in life, how many don't.

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Security guards cannot monitor every square inch of property, no matter how many you have or how good your camera system is. Also, with it being the off-season, I would imagine they currently have reduced staffing. The good news here is these two idiots were caught and the infant is now in a much better situation than he was.

Hopefully this woman will get the help she needs, whether it be rehab or time in a mental hospital.

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