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Most Important Part of a Coaster?


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I love a ride with a great theme and a fictional backstory to get you excited for the ride. Flight of Fear was my first time being on a ride that made me feel like I was going into another world, like I was being dropped into the story. Besides Disneyland of course, It's a Small World may have made me feel like I was in another world, but at the same time I wanted some noise canceling headphones. Space Mountain was my true introduction into this type of atmosphere. Some examples of rides like this would be: Pretty much anything at Universal Studios (Although my visit to Universal Studios Hollywood was a bit underwhelming after spending a day at Six Flags MM), Haunted Mansion, Calico Mine Co. At Knotts, and certainly many more at Disney parks. Kings Island definitely hit the sweet spot with Outer Limits: Flight of Fear, Tomb Raider: The Ride/ The Crypt. (I especially liked the use of the Inception soundtrack for The Crypt's queue.) and the warning signs in the line for The Beast. In my time traveling to other parks, I really noticed how good I have it with Kings Island only 20 minutes away! There are many contributing factors to an outstanding ride in my opinion so it was pretty hard for me to just pick one, but I settled on negative G's because who doesn't like the butterflies you get in your stomach as you glide across a track?

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The ride ops are the most important part of any coaster.


Brakes? Safety systems? Superstructure?

By all accounts, the ride ops on Son of Beast were super. And yet, the structure?

How's that ride doing for 2015 anyway?

Terp, who likes to ask questions.

You can have all of those things, but the ride ops are what make the coasters go. Without them, you can't do anything but sit in the station.

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Not necessarily. Anyone from maintenance to state inspectors can BOTH make the ride go or keep it from it. Ride ops do what they are told. And if they don't, there are thousands waiting to take their place.

The things I mentioned are essential. Without them, there is no ride to op. No ride op? Walk over to another coaster and find some. Get the area manager.

Ride ops ARE important. That being said, the day is likely coming when rides don't have human operators. Compared to the 1940's, we are already 90 percent there.

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Pacing is very important to me.

Diamondback's first half is one of my favorite ride experiences ever. After the MCBR it dies.

I do understand there is only so much potential energy you can get from hills that tall and I'm not necessarily complaining. I believe everyone involved in that ride did the best they could given the circumstances.

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