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Week XXI: Coaster/Park Podcasts


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With being a fan of the parks, one wants to get deeper information or view points on various subjects throughout the industry. With that, we look into various outlets like Forums, Databases, and Podcasts. That being said, I thought it would be best to help out some of the other KICers with their Off Season ailments with some podcasts that others listen to. So, what/which podcast(s) related to coasters and or theme parks? If it is by a site, feel free to post the URL here, if it is on YouTube, feel free to post the channel name or a sample video that you like!

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I listen to all sorts of podcast (there are currently 16 different podcasts on my playlist). As far as coaster/park podcasts I've only found two out there. I'd love to check out more if there are any.

I've found The Season Pass (http://www.seasonpasspodcast.com) and CoasterRadio.com, but I've only had a chance (aka time) to listen to CoasterRadio (They're doing a meetup at Cedar Point in May, btw). I have a few hours ahead of me in the car this evening, so I may check out Season Pass and update here.

CoasterRadio is a well produced show, and the hosts have good rapport. It's not made it to my "can't miss" list, though, and I will sometimes not finish an episode if for some reason they're not holding my attention (which may not always be their fault).

As an aside (and maybe somewhat off topic), I am a podcaster. I consider it a fun hobby where I chat with two of my friends about gaming (mainly WoW). I'd love to expand my hobby a bit and with my passion for roller coasters alive and well (and supported by my better half), I've considered the idea of starting a new podcast covering parks and rides. The passion and technical knowledge only go so far, though. I don't feel 'connected' enough with the industry and those in it to know where to start. That hasn't stopped me, though, it's only slowed me down. If anybody is interested in contributing, co-hosting, whatever, hit me up. I'd love to explore the idea with others.

As promised (if not a couple days later than planned), I did check out an episode of Season Pass. Good production quality and the hosts seem to have a good rapport. The episode I listened to was an 'interview' of a guest who was in the film business (he worked with Kubrik) and ended up making interactive rides like Back to the Future etc. Interesting episode, very interesting (sometimes technical) insight into how some attractions get made. While it wasn't enough to make it to my 'cannot miss' list, it did give me more interest in the show and will leave it in my listening rotation and it may end up there soon.

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I have found several pod casts that I enjoy listening to.

The Season Pass Podcast is probably my favorite. Those guys do a great job, good production quality and they are interviewing those in the industry that you would want to hear from such as Disney legends like Tony Baxter and Bob Gurr as well as trip reports, ride manufacturers and even some over seas stuff.

Another favorite of mine is the Disney Dish Podcast / Disney Dish Band Camp. This is done by Len Testa the creator of the Unofficial Guide touring books and writer Jim Hill.

Some others include: In The Loop Podcast, Orlando United, Coaster Radio and WDW Radio.

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