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Week XXII: Coaster Credits At Kings Island


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Every year at Kings Island enthusiasts get to ride their favorite coasters during the Operating Season. With that, we get to ride some of the best out of the best in the industry. That being said, which coaster will you ride the most this year at Kings Island?

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I'm crossing my fingers that the Diamondback crew gets better. My rides on it last year were pretty low compared to most years, mainly due to seeing triple stacked trains nearly every time. Hopefully the fact that its added to ERT will help that.

Bat is another one I hope to get on more.

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Diamondback would be my choice, if the crew gets their act together.....nothing like the fastest line in the park being dragged out to be an hour or more when the queue is only half full. (also, nothing like watching Fastlaner's running circles to and from the entrance to the exit while you wait that hour either.)

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