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Frisbee ride collapses in China

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I was told this happened, however, I cannot find a direct article anywhere. Apparently, internet traffic is restricted from China, however, there are some images on the net.


Appears to be a Huss knockoff that rotates 360 degrees.

Other than the collapse, I'm not certain of injuries or fatalities. Prayers to all involved.

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AND when an accident happens in China, the ride operator is at fault and takes the brunt of the blame.

As it should be.

The ride operator has as good as view as anyone to be able to STOP the ride if something were wrong.

And if there was absolutely no sign of anything being wrong until it was suddenly too late for an e-stop to prevent catastrophe?

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The one thing we have to remember is the ride was most likely designed and built by the government of China (officially), and the government is never wrong in a communist state. I'm sure the ride operator will enjoy their life in a state prison as a political prisoner.

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