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Dollywood 4/9, 4/10


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My family just got back from a trip to Dollywood! We bought season passes last November and wow, was that a great idea.

My sister, Emily, was 47" last time and couldn't ride any of the bigger rides. Now, she's 48" and she got the yellow wristband! Which meant she could ride Thunderhead, Mystery Mine, Tennessee Tornado, and Barnstormer.

She's quite a daredevil and went right on Thunderhead without any hesitation. She absolutely loved it. As did I. It's still my favorite wooden roller coaster. You get some insane airtime on it. To those who don't like The Voyage due to it being rough, try out Thunderhead sometime. It's much smoother.

Mystery Mine is in my opinion one of the most underrated roller coasters. The second drop always catches me off guard. I love the theme, the music, the effects, and most of all, the ride itself. It may be short but I still think it's amazing. Emily started crying when she realized the lift hill goes straight up but by the first drop she loved it. It's now our thing to sing the song ("if you whistle in the Mystery Mine..") everyday.

I still think Wild Eagle is overrated. It doesn't thrill me at all. It's a nice peaceful ride. That's it. It's way too short and doesn't really excite me. Rides like Thunderhead, where you feel totally out of control, are much better. Gatekeeper > Wild Eagle though wing coasters to me aren't that fun.

Tennessee Tornado is your standard looping roller coaster but much smoother than Vortex.

Barnstormer is a fun little ride but even Emily was somewhat disappointed by the length of the cycle.

Firechaser Express is an amazing family ride. Something like this needs to be in every amusement park.

We left around 3pm on Thursday. Friday, we planned to go to a silly Pigeon Forge attraction indoors since the forecast predicted storms all day, but the weather ended up being perfect so we went back to Dollywood. And absolutely nobody was there. We waited 0 minutes for Thunderhead, 0 minutes for Mystery Mine, and 0 minutes for basically everything else. Most of the day we spent looking in the quaint stores, buying candles, and watching the Festival of Nations shows.

Dollywood is a great amusement park. I am probably forgetting some things so I'll add them if I remember. I also have some good picture so I'll post them soon!

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Glad you all had a good time. Mystery Mine and Tennessee Tornado are two of my faves at Dollywood and I'm glad you enjoyed them! :D

Mystery Mine really is a cool ride. I can't get over how it's not more talked about in the enthusiast community.

I keep trying to add pictures but it's always so difficult for me to make the pictures smaller...I give up...

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^ If you're not afraid of the command line, install imagemagick and use mogrify.

mkdir small
mogrify -resize 1024x768 -path small *.jpg
That's it. All .jpg files in the current directory are resized to 1024x768 and saved into a "small" subdirectory.
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