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**Reminder to members of the KICentral Universe

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Over a decade ago, KICental emerged from the shattered remains of another Kings Island fan site. A site that was riddled by cliques and users were bullied by the site's own staff. When Dane and I began KIC, we wanted to take a laissez faire approach to moderation. In essence, we had faith in the Kings Island fan base in the belief that users would be able to resolve their own conflicts, share their own ideas, and respect other's opinions with the smallest amount of moderation possible.

It has been brought to my attention that some users have felt pushed away because they feel as though their points of view are consistently attacked. This can not and will not be allowed. You, as a user, have agreed to abide by our Terms of Service - which includes showing respect and not attacking others members.

You do not have to agree with someone's opinion, however you must respect their right to have their own opinion - and they must respect your right to have yours. The fact that people are very passionate about different topics and subject matters is fantastic, however you must always remember to debate about the opinion, not attack the person with the opinion. Everyone feels the way they do about certain subject matters for a reason - including you. Please remember this next time you disagree with another user.

I am willing to offer amnesty to current users at this point, but please be aware that this is a general blanket warning to everyone. Those who detract from the good nature of the community will quickly be permanently removed. If you ever feel as though you are being harassed, bullied, or disrespected, please PM me and bring it to my attention and I will handle it accordingly.


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