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Cedar Point Opening Day 2015

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Hi guys! I've been reading this forum for years and used to have an account but I haven't used it in ages and couldn't remember the login info for it.

Wondering if anyone has been to CP on opening day and what can be expected? Thinking about making the trip up.

Anyone else going? Thoughts?

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I haven't been there for Opening Day; I typically go on a weekday early in the season. This year, I'll probably visit that first Monday (May 11).


Note that Math & Science Week is again scheduled for this first week of operation. For what it's worth, wait times were minimal when I went early in that week last year.


As always, crowds any day are difficult to predict. Some weekends are dead, and some weekdays are packed for seemingly no reason. The weather forecast can affect crowds drastically. Your results may vary.

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My only tip from my early May visit years ago would be to pack for all sorts of weather. Early May in Sandusky is not the same as early May in Mason. The day I was there, my friend and I were freezing in our work polos and sweatshirts and buying hot chocolate to try to keep warm. The breeze can be awfully cold!

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I am taking the family up Friday and staying in the Breakers over the weekend.  We got the deal where if you stay at the Breakers you get a Fast Pass for Saturday. 


I'm hoping the weather is a tad warmer than the Winter Chill Out. 

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