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Poor, Poor Monster


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If you didn't know any better, it would be hard to even know what you was looking at.


Looks like a big pile of scrap metal to me.

Yeh- it just looks like one of Hedda Harper's hats for mourning.

I'm placing bets that it will come back all redux and lighty.

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Cedar Point's Monster seemed operational on June 5th during CoasterMania!  At a minimum, it was not in any state of disassembly.

Not sure what time of day you saw it but when we were leaving after the night time ERT around midnight there were some ride mechanics removing a rather large piece from the central assembly. When we went by the next day the cover that they had taken off to remove the piece was still missing.. and no signs of it running any time that day (the 6th)

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I'd been seeing signs they were doing something the past couple times at the park, but nothing distinctive enough to bother posting about (like a little forklift sitting inside the fences, a construction hat and tools left sitting on the center section, etc). I guess they do the work mostly in the hours the park is closed because I never saw any actual people.

I'm so glad they're putting it back together now! I even had a dream earlier today when I took a nap that I saw it running with new LED lighting, although I know that hasn't happened (yet?).

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