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Magic Mountain roller coaster incident

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I'm not being a monster, but the temporarily passing out on looping roller coasters happens a lot- especially to small persons with low blood pressure.

I have to put some time between looping rides when I go, or I'll grey out, or pass out.

I passed out on the King Cobra once, and came too when it came to the sudden stop at the end.

(It freaks me out how well KI's restraints works, and I'm very glad they exist as they do.)

The newspapers are posting every unusual event that occurs after the Smiler accident to catch the wave of the news cycle.

Eat more fries, drink some liquids, put time in between rides to enjoy the ambience of the park, and these passing out events will be less likely.

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Also, correlation does not equal causation. The child also passed out "after", presumably, a car ride to the park, eating something, using the restroom, etc. It could have been caused by an undiagnosed medical problem, heat stroke, low blood sugar, dehydration*, etc. Just because it happened after a ride (and the article is scant on facts about how long after, why she was "discovered" rather than having people with her at the time, etc) doesn't mean the primary cause was the ride.

*I have naturally low blood pressure. So, I often tend to grey out (my vision sparkles and/or goes entirely grey) when I encounter positive Gs. I can actually diagnose when I'm dehydrated and should drink something when I'm at the park because it becomes a lot worse. This doesn't mean the rides are unsafe or are the "cause" of the problem.

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Exactly. My pass outs happen on those magical days when you can go from ride to ride with no wait. I push myself to catch the wave, then bonk! Bonk! On the head! I'm out cold.

I have a BIL that was a Colonel on the Air Force. He flew navigator to Robin Olds in Vietnam. He told me to "bear down" through the loop.

You can easily figure out what that means, and it does help. It keeps the blood in your skull.

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Almost certainly a previously undiagnosed medical condition.

I'm amazed that the original article just said she was found "after a ride" passed out (which was very vague and suggested it could be anywhere in the park or any length of time between riding and being found) when in actuality she passed out on the ride and returned to the station unconscious. That fact is so sensational even without hyperbole that I'm a little proud they didn't play it up (unlike local news calling Diamondback evacuating low on the hill due to a properly functioning safety system a "break down").

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