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Souvenir cup and Platinum Pass question


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Does the park even still offer season pass discount on the souvenir bottles? I wouldn't know, I been buying my bottles at Knott's last couple years and they honored the Platinum Pass. Yesterday at Tower Drinks I had my pass in hand and the employee refused it. Typically I don't really mess with any of the eateries at KI cause majority of my visits are usually extremely short but I do need a lot of water and I was there for several hours yesterday and figured why not? Just curious. That on top of the near constant inconsistencies I always tend to get out of their F&B dept.


On another note...the chicken wrap at Chicken Shack wasn't too bad. Felt like I had to pull teeth to just get the wrap by itself without the fries though (I HATE fries) cause the employees asked twice if I wanted the advertised combo meal instead.

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I had that same question! I walked into the International Street LaRosa's yesterday and asked the people at the register if my Platinum Pass would get me a discount on the souvenir cup and what the discounted price would be. They said yes - a Gold or Platinum Pass would get a 20% discount, taking the cup price down to just over $11.

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