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Countdown to Opening Day for the 2021 Season: May 15th 11:00 AM!

Kings Island is now open for 2021.

3 hours at Kings Island with the kids on a rainy day.

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I went today with the 9 YO and 11 YO. We arrived there around 6 after stopping at Jimmy Johns for dinner (They will deliver to the KI drop-off location near the sign, BTW, if you want to do a parking lot sandwich picnic. They need 24 hour notice for large orders and party trays, though, FYI.) Because of the morning rain and expected evening showers,  the place was not crowded. First we went straight to The Beast, which was a 15 minute wait. It is fun sitting behind the kids and watching them bounce around. Next up was Vortex, where we walked right on. We started to get in line for WindSeeker, but they closed it as we were entering the line due to incoming weather conditions. We looked behind us, and the skies were dark. We backed out of line and thanks to the shoes the 9 YO was wearing (normal Nike athletic shoes), she was able to ride Flight of Fear for the first time. It turns out the 11 YO never rode it before either. They loved watching  the story on the TVs during the 20 minute wait. They loved the ride also. The last time I rode it was about 5 years ago. When we exited, everything was dripping wet and people are wearing ponchos. We apparently missed a rain storm while inside, and walked out to sunny skies, and even fewer people in the park. The coaster gods were watching out for us. The 9 YO wanted  to ride Zephyr, but the 11 YO thought it would be a good time for Diamondback. I let the 11 YO head to Diamondback while I rode Zephyr with the 9 YO. It tuns out that everybody's plan was to go to Diamandback as soon as the rain let up, because the 11 YO said the line was larger than when we arrived so she returned without riding it. I also think that the line was large because they were doing dry runs after the storm. Next we walked over to Banshee, which was a 10 minute wait. The Nike shoes came in handy again on Invertigo, which was a walk-on, but we chose to wait 2 trains for the rear car. We ended the day on The Bat, which was also a walk-on, but we waited for 2 trains to be in the front car, and ended up with great views of the fog in valleys adjacent to the park. It was now 9 o'clock, and time to go home.  We rode 6 coasters and a family ride in 3 hours. It was a pretty good time at Kings Island today.

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